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Become An Inspiring Pilates Instructor

We’ll help you become a confident and skilled Pilates instructor through our high-touch, transformative learning journey that is 100% online. Join more than 3000 instructors in 26 countries who have received our uniquely science-based Pilates certification and are now living their dream.

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Take Your Pilates Teaching To A Deeper Level

If you're already a Pilates instructor and you're hungry for a deeper understanding of how the body works and how to use Pilates to help your clients rehab, we can help you.
The Diploma of Clinical Pilates is unlike ANY other Pilates training. This course isn’t just about learning what to DO to help clients recover from injuries, it’s about BECOMING a better, more authentic version of yourself and mastering your craft.

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Build A Highly Profitable Solo Pilates Business

Being a great Pilates teacher doesn't automatically mean you'll make a good living. You also have to be good at attracting and retaining high paying clients. In the Pilates Business Launchpad we'll not only show you how, we'll help you build a solo Pilates business teaching from home or online, that will earn you $100,000 a year.

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How is Breathe Education different?

Study From Home – No Travel

All our programs are 100% online so you can complete your training and certify without leaving home. No travel, no parking, no child-minding, no packed lunches. Just live online training from your home.

Self-Mastery Included

Most Pilates educators make you pay extra for self-mastery hours (observing and participating in Pilates sessions). At Breathe Education all your self-mastery is included in the program at no extra charge, and all online.

Deep Expertise

Our trainers have each taught an average of 8,000 Pilates classes. We've done what we're teaching you to do, so we know all the pro tips and little tricks to get the most out of every client interaction and every class.

Up To Date Science

Our programs are based on current clinical guidelines and we update our curriculum 6 times every year (yes you read that right). So you'll only learn the most up to date, science-based skills.

Round The Clock Support

We have trainers and support staff in 5 countries, and you'll be part of a diverse group of students from right around the world. There are literally classes happening around the clock, and live support is available whenever you need it.

Highest Rated Pilates Educator

We have a Google rating higher than any other Pilates educator worldwide, with more reviews than any other educator. We're so highly reviewed because our entire team is dedicated to helping you achieve your goal of becoming an inspiring, skilled and confident Pilates instructor.

Pilates Education For The 21st Century

Daily Live Online Learning

If you’ve struggled through self-paced video training you know all about what bad online training is like. But when done properly, online training is equal or superior to in-person training, because of one thing: Daily practice.

When you learn online you can do a little every day. This is called distributed practice and it is the cornerstone of effective learning. If you’ve ever successfully learned a musical instrument, or a sport skill, or an academic discipline, you did that by practicing daily, or very close to daily.

That’s why we’ve designed our training to take advantage of how humans learn best, with short daily lessons. You’ll be surprised how quickly you pick up both the physical skills and the theoretical knowledge to a level you hadn’t thought possible.


Most Pilates programs have allowed their curriculum to stagnate since the turn of the century. We update our curriculum every 60 days – that’s 6 times every year. So you’ll learn skills based on current science and clinical guidelines, which ultimately means you’ll really know your stuff and feel deeply confident in your knowledge and skills.

At Breathe Education every lecture comes with up-to-date scientific citations, and when the new science emerges we update our programs within a few weeks. What’s more we don’t just use science in our course content – we also design our curriculum and our teaching strategies based on scientific research on effective teaching and learning.

That’s why at Breathe Education you’ll receive the most effective, most up-to-date science-based Pilates instructor training anywhere in the world.

We’ll Help You Make Money Teaching Pilates

Studying with Breathe Education provides the full skill set to succeed professionally and financially as a Pilates instructor. Whether you want to teach from home, own a studio, or build an online Pilates business, our programs will help you to create more impact for your clients and make more money. Besides learning how to deliver incredible impact with your Pilates teaching, we’ll help you make money from Pilates. We’ll teach you how to attract clients, how to charge high prices and how to retain clients long-term. You’ll gain confidence and have all the tools you need to succeed, making Pilates instruction a viable and lucrative full-time career or side-hustle. We don’t want to help you just teach Pilates; we want to help you maximize your earning potential and achieve your dream lifestyle.

Why You Should Study With Us


We'll show you how to build a solo Pilates business raking in $1923/week teaching from home or online


Over 5000 graduates in 26 countries and counting


Percent of students who have a job once they graduate with us


Highest Google review rating of any Pilates educator worldwide, with 360+ reviews


Satisfaction Guarantee: If you're not totally delighted at the end of your program we'll refund 100% of your money.


Financing available - start for as little as $50

What our Global Community say

5000+ BE Certified Pilates Instructors and counting

Out of 380+ reviews

Ali Woodall

“Do what you love as a job.”

Hayley Hollett

“I’m super proud of myself doing this course.”

Vivian Hwang

“You guys genuinely care about getting us to be where we want to be.”

Cindy Phung

“I’m so blessed to have close friends in here now.”

Brooke Alexander

“Doing this has given me so much more confidence in myself.”

Grace Sinclair

“I thought teaching would be totally scary, and it totally wasn’t.”

You Love Pilates – So Do We!!!

At Breathe Education we will help you to transform yourself into a better version of you. We will help you build skill, and knowledge, and confidence, and ultimately to find your unique voice as an instructor and as a human.

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People are investing in their health now more than ever.

Most people can’t reach their goals with just another free YouTube workout video. Instead, they need a competent, caring Pilates instructor who can guide them step-by-step toward a healthier body and mind, no matter what life throws at them.

We’ll help you become the Pilates instructor they need—a Pilates instructor who truly changes lives.

The global Pilates and yoga market is expected to more than double in the next 5 years according to


You won’t be doing this alone.

Online doesn't mean alone. This is a high-touch, live online training. You’ll connect with your trainers and peers daily in your tutorials, practice sessions and private community.


98.6% job placement.

According to NCVER over 98% of our graduates have a job or further study waiting for them the day they graduate.

Have Questions?

What does this program cover, specifically?

The BE Pilates Certification is in 5 modules each of 4 weeks, for a total of 20 weeks..

Throughout the program you’ll learn the Pilates exercises on mat & reformer

Module 1 teaches you how to cue the Pilates exercises so your clients learn easily

Module 2 teaches you to program the exercises into flowing classes your clients will love, and that deliver strength, flexibility and coordination.

Module 3 is where you’ll learn to confidently work with pre and postnatal clients, as well as beginners.

Module 4 teaches you to work confidently and safely with clients who are injured or have chronic pain.

Module 5 is called “Get a job” and in it we’ll help you launch your Pilates career.

See the “What you’ll learn” section (above) for a breakdown of each unit and chapter.

Who is this program for?

It’s for any Pilates professional, anyone who’s thinking of becoming a Pilates professional, and anyone who wants to feel confident in their ability to successfully teach Pilates and get better results for themselves and others.

We’ve worked with over 5,000 students from every corner of this industry and all walks of life—from first-time Pilates instructors to seasoned pros, from personal training and yoga to physical therapists, massage practitioners, and beyond.

Many of our students come with little or no professional background in Pilates teaching or fitness. By the time they graduate, they’re equipped with everything they need to help people move more, get stronger and more flexible, and live to their full potential.

Whether you’re already mid-career or just starting out, this certification will give you the knowledge, systems, and tools to make a real, profound difference with anyone you teach Pilates to.

How long does it take to get certified?

The Breathe Pilates Certification takes 20 weeks.

All the exams and assessments happen during the program. There’s no extra assessment so you’ll be ready to receive your certification and start working the day you complete the program.

Each week in the program you’ll be required to complete all the coursework for that week, as well as attending your tutorial and two practice teaching sessions.

You can expect to spend 7-9 hours per week on the certification materials. That’s 1-2 hours per day, 5 days a week for 20 weeks.
When you study each day is almost entirely up to you. We have trainers in 4 countries, and students in 23+ countries so there are literally tutorials and practice sessions happening around the clock, every day.

But here’s the best part: You don’t need to wait to get certified in order to feel confident and qualified to teach Pilates. Since you’ll be learning and practicing from day one, you’ll be in a perfect position to start helping your clients immediately.

What are the exams like?

Each week you’ll do 1 or 2 short multiple choice exams as part of your coursework.

In your tutorials you’ll be assessed at multiple points throughout the program. These assessments are practical, where you’ll have to demonstrate the Pilates exercises, or teach them, or both.

The tutorial-based assessments are very informal. We expect you to show up ready for the assessment, but your trainer is there to help you and guide you to success too.

What if I fail an exam?

If you are not yet competent in the exercises or teaching skills you need to master, your trainer will give you specific feedback on what you need to improve, and will coach you to improve it and retake the assessment with the next group (usually 6-8 weeks later).

If you need extra help, you can book a free 1:1 coaching session with a trainer to get back on track.

How long does it take to get started once I enroll?

Within a few minutes after you enroll you’ll receive access to the student portal and you can start learning. Your program live sessions start on the advertised start date, and you will graduate 21 weeks after the start of the live sessions.

What if I’m not perfect at all the moves?

Short answer – it doesn’t matter. Yes, you DO need to know the proper setup, movement sequence, cueing, refinement and progression for each exercise, but you don’t have to do a perfect split, or a perfect pushup, or anything else perfect.

You’ll learn our Layered Teaching Framework, which makes it easy for you to succeed with the exercises, regardless of your current fitness level, flexibility, age or shape.

The good news is the Layered Teaching Framework will also make it easy for your clients to succeed regardless of their current fitness level, flexibility, age or shape.

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