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Become A Pilates Instructor 100% Online

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With The World’s #1 Comprehensive Pilates Certification

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Pilates Instructor Certification Pathways

Become An Inspiring Pilates Instructor

We’ll help you become a confident and skilled Pilates instructor in just 20 weeks, and 100% online.

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Become A Clinical Exercise Specialist

THE course for movement professionals who want to take their skills to the next level.

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Build Your Pilates Business

We’ll help you build a Pilates business, get clients and make money doing what you love.

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The Breathe Education Certification in Pilates Will Teach You To Do 3 Things

Master The Pilates Exercises

We’ll help you master the moves so you can confidently execute them in a way that works in your body.

Be An Inspiring Pilates Teacher

We’ll teach you how to teach. Because the best teachers inspire, uplift, and deliver results.

Make Money

We’ll help you build a Pilates business, get clients and make money doing what you love.

In Our Students’ Own Words…

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Why We Are The World’s #1 Rated Pilates Educator

100% Online

Certify as a Pilates instructor from home. No travel, no parking, no child-minding, no packed lunches.

Completely Flexible Schedule

Our Pilates certification allows you to set your own schedule so you can easily study around kids, work, travel and other commitments.

Live Practice & Feedback

All our Pilates instructor training programs include regular live workshops where you practice under supervision and receive feedback in real time.

1:1 Coaching

Our Pilates Certification and Clinical Certification include 1:1 coaching to keep you accountable and give you individual guidance

Comprehensive Anatomy

In both our Pilates Certification and Clinical Certification you'll learn how the body works in-depth.

We Work With You Until You’re Confident

All our Pilates certifications are lifetime access: We'll keep working with you until you are 100% skilled and confident, at no extra cost.

Live Practice And Feedback

The cornerstone of our Pilates certification is live workshops.

In the live workshops you work with classmates to practice your Pilates teaching skills, supervised by a trainer. You’ll work in pairs, and in groups of 3-5 students.

You’ll receive live, real-time, personalized feedback from your trainer, and from your classmates.

Each week throughout the Pilates certification you’ll attend 2 x 1 hour live workshops – that’s how our students build skill so quickly.

1:1 Coaching

Unlike any other Pilates certification, the Breathe Pilates certification includes 1:1 coaching with a trainer.

In your 1:1 coaching sessions your trainer will hold you accountable to do the work, and give you individualized guidance and feedback.

They’ll help you set goals for your study and track your progress towards them. And they’ll help you with any skill you’re struggling with.

You can book your 1:1 coaching sessions from within your portal, and they are included in the program cost.

Why Learning Pilates Online Is More Effective Than In Person

A lot of people have the perception that for a physical skill like Pilates, online training is not as good as in-person training. And for many years, this was true. But with new technology, the reality is now different.

In 2024 you can actually learn Pilates technique more effectively online than in-person, for several reasons including:

  • The instructor can see you more clearly (and you can see them more clearly)
  • More frequent practice and feedback
  • A wider variety of classmates to practice with

Not One But Two Guarantees

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Attend 8 live workshops in your first 30 days with our Pilates Certification (that’s 2 per week for 4 weeks). If after 8 workshops you’re not 100% delighted with the quality of training, and your learning progress, we’ll refund you in full.

We Work Free Guarantee

If at the end of the Pilates Certification you’re not 100% confident, we’ll keep working with you at no charge, for as long as it takes until you are 100% confident.

Our Pilates Certification Graduates

Join 5000+ BE Certified Pilates Instructors In 26 Countries And Counting…

Kaitrin Mahoney

Pennsylvania, USA
“To say it changed my life is an understatement”

Leah Bailey

Georgia, USA
“The fact that it’s online allowed me to become a Pilates instructor”

Maddie Lane

Illinois, USA
“I already have a job before I’m even graduated”

Madison Dzikowicz

Colorado, USA
“The biggest thing I’ve gained is confidence”

Lilly Fisher

West Australia, Australia
“This course changed my inner dialogue”

Rima Bhatt

Florida, USA
“I became stronger physically and mentally”

Transform The Lives Of Others And Make Money Doing What You Love

With The World’s #1 Rated Online Comprehensive Pilates Certification

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How We’ll Help You Go From Zero Pilates Teaching Experience To Skilled And Confident In 3 Steps


We’ll teach you to confidently execute the Pilates exercises

Inside our Pilates Certification, we’ll use our Layered Teaching Framework to help you to learn the exercises effectively no matter what your current level of fitness, flexibility or your age.

You’ll receive live coaching and feedback throughout your Pilates certification to refine your technique and your understanding.

By the end of the Pilates certification you’ll be executing all the moves at a high level of skill, in a way that works in your body.


We’ll teach you how to be an inspiring Pilates teacher

Doing the exercises and teaching are not the same thing.

We’ll teach you how to create an inspiring, transformation experience for your clients.


We’ll help you get clients and earn money

We’ll give you our complete turn-key Pilates business system and we’ll work with you to build your income from Pilates.

Pilates Certification Live Workshop Schedule

All workshops are 1 hour. Attend ANY 2 or more each week

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