Accredited units of study

These are the units (aka subjects) of study that are accredited by the Skills and Quality Authority

10721NAT Certificate IV in Pilates Matwork and Reformer

  • PILMAT401 Program and instruct group Matwork
  • PILREF401 Program and instruct group Reformer
  • PILBEG401 Orient new clients in group Pilates
  • PILBIO401 Apply biomechanics to Pilates instruction
  • PILINJ401 Instruct Pilates to clients with injuries or painful conditions
  • PILPRE401 Instruct Pilates for pre and post-natal clients

10771NAT Diploma of Clinical Pilates

  • PILINT501 Conduct an initial client session
  • PILAPP501 Program and instruct Pilates sessions using the full range of Pilates apparatus
  • PILEBP501 Apply evidence-based practice to clinical Pilates
  • PILPOP501 Program and instruct Pilates for special populations
  • PILPSR501 Program and instruct Pilates for post-surgical rehabilitation