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We’ll Teach You How To Change People’s Lives With Pilates

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 Do What You Truly Want To Do

Live a life that sparks joy

If the happiest part of your day is your Pilates class, and you want to share that feeling with other people, we will help you get there.

We’ll help you build skills and confidence so you can help others transform themselves through Pilates.

You DON’T Need to Be Perfect At All The Moves!

You don’t need to be fit, or young, or tall, or thin to be a great Pilates teacher and live a life you love.

You just need to love Pilates, and want to share that with others.

We will teach you everything you need to know.

Find your own unique voice

We’ll guide you to build skill step by step. As your skill grows, so will your confidence. Soon your natural voice as a teacher will emerge.

Your unique teaching style and voice will attract and inspire others, just as you have been inspired by people who taught you.

Praise from our graduates

96.8% Of Our Students Have A Job Or Further Study on Graduation

That is according to the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) Student Outcome Survey 2019

Because you will learn real world skills that match where the industry is going, as a Breathe trained instructor you’ll be highly sought after.

We offer the world’s only 100% online and internationally recognized group reformer and matwork training, which will put you in the driver’s seat to launch a career in the fastest growing part of the industry.

That is one reason so many of our graduates have a job waiting for them the day they graduate.

Alex’s story is a perfect example

Over 5,000 New Careers And Counting

Since 2008 we’ve certified more than 5,000 Pilates instructors around the world.

The reasons we are so popular are our incredible community, state-of-the-art learning design, international recognition, and high-touch support both during your program, and after you graduate.

As a graduate of our programs, you will join the vanguard of Pilates in the world.


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Pilates Certification USA

If you are thinking about becoming a Pilates instructor, you will no doubt be after the best training to ensure that you do right by your students. At Breathe Education, we are proud to offer our Pilates certification so that you can inspire others with your passion for Pilates.

Internationally Recgonized Pilates Course

With a Pilates course from Breathe Education, you can be proud to hold certification that is internationally recognized, and it means that you can take your newfound skills anywhere.

Make Sure You Receive the Best Education

At Breathe Education, we make sure your Pilates instructor course offers you comprehensive training so that you will be confident teaching Pilates to your students. You do not need to have any qualifications to take part in our Certification in Pilates Matwork and Reformer Pilates.

Instead, we ask that you love Pilates, you have an interest in how the human body works, you want to see others achieve and you want to push yourself to be the best that you can be.

When you enroll in one of our programs, we give you all that you need to become the best Pilates teacher. Your course will include practice sessions, small group training tutorials, masterclasses, lectures, and coursework.

Your group sessions will be interactive, and they will allow you to practice your new skills. Also included is weekly student practice. You can take it in turns to teach one another and learn as you go.

We encourage the use of Slack, our full-featured messaging service that lets you chat with your peers and arrange extra practice sessions. You can also send videos and files to your classmates and teachers.

Throughout your time with us and beyond, you will have full support from Breathe Education. We assign you a dedicated student success coach who is there to jump on a call with you and sort out any concerns you may have. You will also have access to hundreds of quality training videos that you can access any time of the day or night and learn from the wide variety of skills that are shown.

Breathe Education: Your First Choice for Pilates Certification

We would love to talk with you more about the opportunities that we have for you here at Breathe Education. You can book a Discovery Call with one of our Pilates trainers today, and we will assess your situation, goals, and needs to find the perfect program for you

We have certified more than 5,000 Pilates instructors, and this number continues to grow. Join a trusted training provider for a truly inspiring journey.

Book your call today and begin your journey to an exciting new career.
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Learn More About

Certification in Pilates 

Fully Online | Fully Transformational

Training online used to be boring, frustrating, uninspiring.

Not anymore.

We have created a high-touch, highly interactive LIVE online training where you will be deeply engaged, intrigued, inspired and ultimately transformed.

We know you’re feeling worried about your ability to succeed. A lot of our students felt the same way before they started.

What they found was, as we guided them step by step to build skills and confidence, their fears melted away and they started to enjoy the process!

At Breathe Education we will help you to transform yourself into a better version of you. We will help you build skill, and knowledge, and confidence, and ultimately to find your unique voice as an instructor and as a human.

Join Our Vibrant Community of over 4,000 Like-Minded People

You Love Pilates – So Do We!!!

Pilates gives us complete body and mental worth. It makes us slow down. It’s not just for your body, it’s for YOU, for who you are.

You’re not the only one who feels this way. When you enrol with us you’ll join our highly interactive worldwide community of over 4,000 like-minded people who feel exactly the same as you do about Pilates.

When we say “community” we don’t mean that in some abstract kind of way.

You will be able to directly interact with all 4,000 of your fellow community members directly through Slack, and our internal Facebook group. You’ll meet new people who also LOVE Pilates. You’ll find classmates to practice with, ask questions, find a job of your dreams, and make lifelong friends.

Soon you’ll be a graduate, and you might be the next one posting a job opportunity in the community.

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

The “why” that drives us, is to help you build skills and confidence to teach Pilates.

So you can change people’s lives and enjoy a fun, flexible and deeply rewarding career.

If after completing all the program requirements you are not satisfied that you have achieved your goal, we will give you 100% of your money back.

Full details of the guarantee are in our Terms and Conditions of Service

Here’s Why Breathe Education Graduates Are in High Demand Right Around the World

l got the most out of this course that l have ever gotten out of any course

Leanne Chapmanowner, Reformer Pilates Studio, Melbourne

This course changed my life with regards to my own movement, and how I teach my clients

Heather DeHombreowner, Pilates Body Alive, Greensborough, Melbourne

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