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Anatomy & Movement

Join a community of like minded, movement curious Pilates professionals
exploring anatomy and its relationship to movement

Deeply understand the muscles and the movement they create

6 Weeks Of Live Lecture & Masterclasses

Choose from 2 options to attend live each week OR watch the recordings anytime

6 Weekly Live Lectures

Interactive sessions where together we’ll explore fascinating, fun and useful knowledge about the body.

Lecture times (choose 1 only)

  • Attend either time: They’re both the same!
  • Sessions are recorded so you can watch afterwards


6 Weekly Live Masterclasses

Apply what you’ve learned in the lecture to actual movement and experience the anatomy in motion so you truly “get” it.

Masterclass times (choose 1 only)

  • Attend either time: They’re both the same!
  • Sessions are recorded so you can watch afterwards


Anatomy and Movement Program for Instructors

Only $149 USD

  • 6 week live online interactive learning
  • Starts 4th October 2021
  • Spots are limited

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Enrollments close Thursday 30th September 2021

Join like-minded movement professionals to deepen your understanding

You’ll know the answers to fascinating anatomy questions like:

  • Why the lumbar and thoracic spines have different movement properties based on their differently shaped bones
  • What the rotator cable of the shoulder is, and how it integrates the function of the rotator cuff muscles
  • How working in imprint (lumbar flexion) or neutral affects the forces on the lumbar spine
  • And much more in each weekly lecture!

Each week you’ll attend a 45-minute live Lecture, and a 45-min live Masterclass. You’ll experience learning anatomy as fun, fascinating and joyful.

There is NO extra work required. No homework. No essays. No videos to watch, no worksheets. Just you, our insanely passionate and knowledgeable educators, and an engaged community of like-minded Pilates & movement professionals deepening our understanding and discovering how the body works together. 

Imagine how amazing it will feel to really, deeply understand how the body works, and truly feel confident to translate your knowledge to movement. To be able to make a picture in your mind of what is going on inside your client’s body, and use it to problem-solve modifications, exercise choices and progressions.

A learning pathway to the Diploma of Clinical Pilates

When you’re ready to really go to the next level of understanding the body, pain, and injury, the Diploma of Clinical Pilates will transform your thinking and teaching.

The Diploma of Clinical Pilates is a transformational learning journey, totally unlike the rote memorization you’ve experienced in other courses.

In the Diploma of Clinical Pilates you’ll gain a true understanding of anatomy, biomechanics, pain science, biopsychosocial care and know how to effectively cue your clients based on the latest motor learning research.

The Diploma of Clinical Pilates is a year-long, in-depth, comprehensive education that will give you the skills, knowledge and confidence to help people like never before.

All 100% online, study from anywhere in the world.

You can enroll in the full certification, or take it a single module at a time.

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Meet your trainers

Combined experience of over 45 years

Raphael Bender

I believe if you’ve struggled with learning anatomy in the past, that’s because it was taught badly.

Mostly anatomy is “taught” as lists of boring and useless factoids – muscle origins, actions blah blah blah. You walk away with a few disjointed facts in your head but no true understanding. That’s not how I teach.

Instead, we’ll talk through the story of the body, and together we’ll make pictures in our mind of what’s happening inside, so you truly understand.

Learning this way is fun, fascinating and EASY. And once you understand it, you own it for life.

Heath Lander

It is my great pleasure and privilege to spend my days sharing my love of anatomy and movement with other people. I have worked as an educator in primary schools, university, high school, special needs and vocational training.

I feel my greatest strength as a movement educator is helping teachers turn complex training guidelines and anatomy information into simple, scaleable teaching structures.

I hold a Bachelors degree in Education, a diploma in Clinical Pilates, Diploma of Remedial massage and a STOTT Pilates full certification

A perfect blend of theoretical Anatomy and practical integration with Movement all in a live setting

We’ve created this program to empower your teaching and
understanding of Anatomy & Movement


How pelvic position affects forces on the spine


Why the shape of the facet joints makes our lower thoracic look flat when it’s not really


Why do some muscles have different actions at different joint angles?


Anatomy & biomechanics of the rotator cuff & rotator cable


What are hamstrings for?


Bones, muscles & fascial integration of the knee

Anatomy and Movement Program for Instructors

Only $149 USD


  • 6 week live and online blending learning
  • Sessions starts 4th October
  • Spots are limited

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Enrollments close Thursday 30th September 2021

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