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Body image – a nuanced discussion, with Laura Gaiter and Raphael Bender

Diet culture is a problem, and so is obesity.

In an obesogenic environment, we all need to exercise some amount of restraint to avoid obesity.

How do we avoid dichotomous thinking and promote positive body image?

Join us for an amicable, nuanced discussion.

Resources mentioned in the episode:

  • Follow Raph on IG here
  • Connect with Laura Gaiter here
  • Emilia Thompson (improve relationship with body/educate self) on IG here
  • Compassionate Coaching Education on IG here
  • Social media use correlates with negative body image and disordered eating here
  • Appearance-related teasing increases body dissatisfaction here
  • J-shaped relationship between body fat levels and all-cause mortality here
  • Obesity is a risk factor for prostate cancer here
  • Obesity increases risk of death from COVID here
  • Childhood obesity increases all-cause mortality in young adults here
  • Bariatric surgery reduces mortality risk here
  • Fit obese people do NOT have increased risk of all-cause mortality, but DO have increased risk of cardiovascular mortality here
  • Obesity increases pain sensitivity here
  • Weight loss in obese people with osteoarthritis reduces symptoms and increases function here
  • Both CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy) improve body image and reduce disordered eating here
About Raphael Bender:

Raph believes everyone deserves the opportunity to transform into a better version of themselves. His main strength as a teacher and movement professional is the ability to distill complex research findings into a simple, science-based approach to help people move fearlessly, thoughtlessly, and painlessly. He LOVES running, weights, cycling, and Contrology.

Raph holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology (Rehabilitation), a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sports Science, Diploma of Pilates Movement Therapy, and STOTT PILATES full certification.

How to Connect with Raphael:

Purchase Raph’s new book:

  • Strengthen The Person Not Just The Body Part here
About Laura Gaiter:

Laura has passionately dedicated herself to the fitness industry for over a decade, working in gyms and fitness studios across Adelaide and Melbourne. At age 18, she became a group fitness instructor, teaching Freestyle Aerobics, Body Pump, Barre and Aqua Aerobics. In 2012, she studied a Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement), which saw her study in the UK for a semester. Upon completion of her Bachelor degree, she went on to study her Masters of Teaching (Secondary), graduating in 2016. During her studies, she worked as both a Fitness Instructor and in Administration, which led to opportunities in managing multiple boutique fitness studios.

In 2021, Laura studied her Cert IV in Pilates with Breathe Education while working as a Fitness Trainer in Adelaide. She developed a real passion for inclusive movement and helping clients to feel joy through exercise. As a trainer, she places a strong emphasis on the individual experiences of her clients, striving to foster positive relationships with all who attend her classes.

Laura is now based in Brisbane, studying Nutrition and compassionate coaching with EIQ Nutrition. Laura dedicates herself to ongoing education as she believes in a holistic approach to all things health and wellness. Laura’s wide experience in the fitness space allows her to draw inspiration from different exercise modalities to deliver classes which are both versatile and engaging. Her ultimate goal is to promote quality of life and longevity for all humans.

How to Connect with Laura:

  • Find Laura on Instagram here
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