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Community Session Episode 7

By April 28, 2021July 13th, 2022Become a better instructor

A FREE Live Community Session where Raphael Bender, Breathe Education’s CEO, unpack the following:
  • What could be a reason for discomfort in the start position of spine stretch? If the issue is around hip mobility/ flexibility, how can I improve this?
  • Internal vs External Cues: If someone was really arching their lower back (ie supine moving through leg lowers) do I cue to correct that? Are they still getting the benefit of the exercise?
  • Pelvic floor and core: If we are not internally cueing but we have clients who feel like they are ‘bearing down’ and can’t keep their abdominals engaged – what would be the recommendation?
  • There’s a client with a posterior lateral disc protrusion that reports left side pain in lumbar extension which is making them nervous. How can I best guide and encourage this client?
  • Scan reports: Location vs finding.