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Learning to think critically with Lars Avemarie

By April 4, 2018July 14th, 2022Become a better instructor


Lars Avemarie is one of the most well-read, clear-thinking people I have come across in the fields of pain science and rehabilitation. Born in Denmark, he currently works in Sweden. He is a physiotherapist and personal trainer, and a prolific blogger, educator and public figure on social media.

In this conversation, Lars shares his experiences going back to university at the age of 39 to study physiotherapy, his advice on learning to think critically and challenge your own beliefs, and how to develop your confidence to effectively apply the biopsychosocial approach to pain rehabilitation.

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Lars’ recommended resources:

Clarification from Lars

In the interview I talk about the manipulation of force vectors, my example is rack pulls, but I meant to say rope pulls, not rack pull, which doesn’t change force vectors much, just decreases ROM.

While I might come across as very certain of myself, I would like to acknowledge there is a high degree of uncertainty in this field, but that is not often displayed on social media.