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Squat biomechanics: Knees in or out? With Raphael Bender

By July 28, 2021July 13th, 2022Become a better instructor

A FREE Live Community Session about “Squat biomechanics: Knees in or out?” led by Breathe Education’s CEO, Raphael Bender. 
What You’ll Learn:
  • Factors influencing squat biomechanics
  • Are weak glutes to blame for knees going in (valgus)?
  • The mechanism of ACL injury in athletes
  • Components of skilled movement

Resources mentioned during the session:

  • Knee valgus in squatting does not predict future ACL injury here
  • People with knee osteoarthritis have more cartilage degeneration on the medial knee compartment, regardless of valgus or varus alignment here
  • Women have more knee abduction in weight-bearing activities here
  • Conflicting and poor quality evidence of a relationship between hip muscle strength and knee valgus here and here
  • Less ankle dorsiflexion is associated with more knee valgus here
  • Paralyzing the gluteus medius doesn’t change the Trendelenburg test here
  • The ITB stores elastic energy during running here
  • Humans make near-optimal adjustments of control to initial body configuration in vertical squat jumping here