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Why knowing which muscles are active in a movement is a waste of time, with Raphael Bender

By February 1, 2024February 10th, 2024Become a better instructor

Resources mentioned in the episode:

  • Find out about the Clinical Certification here
  • Tension is the primary stimulus for muscle strengthening here
  • Tension without activation still causes muscles to increase in strength and size here and here
  • Long-lasting stretching causes muscles to grow here
  • When you activate your muscles for low load tasks, you only actiavte a small percentage of the fibers here
  • To stimulate ANY strengthening you need to get within about 8-10 reps of failure, and to maximize strength and muscle size you need to get within 2-3 reps of failure here
  • Original post that got me riled up and inspired this episode is here
  • My response on IG is here
About Raphael Bender:

Raph believes everyone deserves the opportunity to transform into a better version of themselves. His main strength as a teacher and movement professional is the ability to distill complex research findings into a simple, science-based approach to help people move fearlessly, thoughtlessly, and painlessly. He LOVES running, weights, cycling, and Contrology.

Raph holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology (Rehabilitation), a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sports Science, Diploma of Pilates Movement Therapy, and STOTT PILATES full certification.

How to Connect with Raphael:

Purchase Raph’s books:

  • Strengthen The Person Not Just The Body Part here
  • How to make $100k/year teaching Pilates here
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