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The most important single concept to make $100k in Pilates

By February 17, 2023Make more money

If you want to make $100k next year teaching Pilates, there’s one critical concept to understand.

This will take about 5 minutes to read.

The concept in this blog might be the opposite of what you’ve been taught.

It might be a completely different way of thinking.

But when you understand and start applying this concept, we can promise you’ll start making more money.

That’s how important it is (and why Raph spent so much time writing this blog for you).

Write this down.

Print this and read it over and over.

Tattoo it on your arm so you eat, sleep and breathe this concept…

Pilates is not your product. You’re not selling Pilates. You’re selling a result

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Let me show you by giving you an example of how it applies in your own life.

What do you do when your sink is blocked?

You’ll probably call a plumber.

You are a client of your plumber.

I’m going out on a limb here to say on most days, you don’t sit around thinking about the benefits of plumbing.

Let’s face it. You have zero interest in plumbing.

But when your sink is blocked, you wonder how to unblock your sink.

Your future clients are like you

They don’t care about plumbing or, in this case, Pilates.

They care about alleviating their back pain.

They care about living longer and feeling less stressed.

They care about liking what they see in the mirror more.

Your future clients don’t sit around thinking about Pilates. Just like you’re not sitting around thinking of plumbing.

Your future client is at home right now thinking about how sore her back is…

She’s thinking that she needs to do something about it.

It’s becoming a problem because her back pain is impacting her ability to concentrate at work.

It’s making her short-tempered with her kids.

Here’s what introduces your future client to Pilates

Your future client is sitting at home.

She feels terrible because she missed an important meeting with her boss.

She yelled at her child when she got home.

Your future client sits on the sofa with a glass of wine.

Her back is killing her.

She’s mentally drained and emotionally numb.

She scrolls through social media to distract herself from her life for a few minutes.

And comes across an ad saying “Get rid of your back pain in 6 weeks”.

Do you think she’ll feel a spark of interest, excitement, or even hope?

Without a shadow of doubt it will.

You’ve shown her the life preserver that could save her from drowning.

You’ve shown Pilates will give her the result she wants (less pain).

This person will be an amazing client.

She’ll pay you whatever you ask. She’ll show up to all her sessions because she’s motivated – she has a big, painful problem, and she’s desperate to solve it.

(Like you would pay your plumber whatever he asked AND take the day off work if it meant unblocking the ONLY toilet in your home…)

The conventional, wrong “Pilates IS your product” scenario

What if, as she was scrolling through social media, she saw an ad selling Pilates like:

  • “6-week Pilates course starts Monday”
  • “The 12 benefits of Pilates”
  • “Intro offer – 5 Pilates sessions for $50”

Do you think that would attract her attention?

No. It wouldn’t.

She’s too busy wallowing in pain and exhaustion to even contemplate getting fit – it’s not on her radar.

Her problem is back pain.

Not a lack of Pilates.

She won’t come to you for Pilates. She’ll come to you to ease her back pain.

Alleviating back pain is the result. Pilates is the delivery mechanism.

Remember this one concept.

Pilates is not your product. Your product is the solution to your client’s problem. That’s what the client is paying for. A result. Less back pain

If you take anything away from this, I want you to remember this concept.

Your. Future. Clients. Don’t. Care. About. Pilates.

Don’t sell Pilates. Sell the solution to your client(s) problem.

Selling results instead of sessions solves every stage of the client journey. When you understand that Pilates is not your product, it’s simple to make $100k a year teaching Pilates.

This is how you get more clients who pay higher fees & are easier to work with.

It’s the cornerstone of building a client-centered business so you can make 100k a year or more teaching Pilates.

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