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How Much Do Pilates Instructors Earn in Australia?

By February 20, 2020July 14th, 2022Make more money

How much do Pilates instructors earn in Australia?

The average pay for Pilates instructors in 2019 was $45 per hour according to However by definition, half of all instructors make less than the average, and half make more. So how much can YOU expect to earn?

  • Pay is higher in large capital cities than in regional centres
  • Different cities have different average pay, with Melbourne and Sydney being above the national average, and Brisbane below
  • Within regions, pay also varies depending on the specific location – if the studio you work at is in a well-to-do neighbourhood the pay is likely to be higher
  • Finally, even within a given studio, it is usual for different instructors to earn different rates. As an instructor your primary job is to put backsides on reformers; instructors with consistently full classes generally earn more
  • Being punctual, reliable, tidy, and making an effort to deliver excellent customer service will also play in your favour when it comes time to negotiate wages
How much does a Pilates instructor earn in Australia

Tips for talking about pay with a potential employer

Talking to a potential employer about how much Pilates instructors earn in Australia
  • When the topic of a job opportunity first arises in conversation, make sure to ask about the pay up front. It’s not a taboo subject; you need to know!
  • If the pay quoted is lower than your expectation, ask the question “what would you need to see from me to make me worth $XX dollars per class to you?” or “Let’s just say for the sake of argument that after 6 months my classes are consistently at 80% full. At that point would you be open to increasing my pay to $XX?”
  • Most employers will be completely fine to have this conversation. Those that are uncomfortable with it, might not be the best people to work for!

How Education Can Make a Difference to Pilates Instructor Pay

You might be just like many other people that see Pilates as a key part of their calling in life. While enjoying it as a hobby is one thing, those that recognise natural ability and aptitude inevitably investigate the possibility of turning it into a profession. This typically inspires conversations with fellow enthusiasts where you may wonder aloud how much do Pilates instructors earn? However, even a quick Internet search will only provide you with a raft of different answers. Why?

Well, a Pilates instructor salary depends as much on the person that is delivering the classes as it does on the location where the classes are held. If you live in a bustling metropolis then there is going to be a much higher level of demand compared to a small town. Those that live in cities or highly populated areas will find that their work securing clients is also cut out because there are many more instructors vying for their attention.
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Wondering How Much Do Pilates Instructors Get Paid?

So, how much do Pilates instructors get paid when they are starting or new in town. There are a few factors that must be considered. The location of your studio space is one, accessibility is another, reputation makes a big difference but that can be grown, but what can help clients choose you over others is a sense of confidence in your abilities.

Naturally, this usually means that they have to spend time with you and at least complete one class. However, your ability to draw attention to yourself is helped by your resume, and one of the main things that clients look for are qualifications. A well thought out, reasonable Pilates instructor hourly rate is seen as good value for money when an experience is backed up with education. It can prove to be enough to entice clients looking for a fresh approach or a new start to take the plunge and try you over someone else.

But Is Education Enough to Make a Respectable Pilates Instructor Wage?

Your education will equip you with many assets that will enhance your ability to deliver great instruction. Clients will choose you over others because they view you as a professional. Therefore, you must vindicate their choice by demonstrating both your professionalism and knowledge.

Remember, thousands of Australians take part in Pilates classes every day. Many of these people have months or years under their belts, so they will recognise quality when they are face to face with it. As such, anyone that wants to earn a Pilates instructor wage needs to take their clients seriously from the outset. Their time is just as important as yours, so the more professional you are, the greater sense of confidence they will have in you.

With the best education in the world to your back, an inability to utilise your knowledge and understanding effectively will inevitably lead to mixed results at best. You are providing a valuable service to your clients and, as with all services, word of mouth and reputation count for a lot. So, rather than assume that you know it all and that your credentials will carry you, it is important to put in the time and effort to justify the rates that you charge.

Pilates instructor pay rates vary throughout Australia simply because some instructors are self-professed gurus that are essentially amateurs, whereas others are professionals that have undertaken considerable learning and deliver a higher standard of results. Confidence in your abilities comes from a depth of understanding, combined with professional application. Your learning and preparatory work will come across in your classes, which will, in turn, inspire confidence in your clients with regards to you.

You may be planning to set up your own space from which you will operate your business. Other professionals also complement this by providing classes in gyms, which is a great way to quickly increase visibility. Rest assured, the best gyms that have the clients you want only align themselves with reputable instructors, who can add value to their brand. This is where your professional Pilates certification IV can make a big difference and help boost your overall Pilates instructor income.

So, How Much Do Pilates Instructors Make?

Ultimately, being a professional Pilates instructor requires you to behave like a professional. It is very easy for clients to relate to you as a friend and “forget” to pay for their classes since you are doing something constructive that releases endorphins and promotes a good feeling. However, other professionals don’t make exceptions when the time comes to pay for their services, so you should not either.

We are always asked how much do Pilates instructors make? The reality is if you are prepared to embrace your education, present like a professional and carry yourself as a professional then there is no reason why you can not make the average rate of $45 per hour, or higher. It all depends on your ability to create value and instill a sense of confidence in your clients.

While Pilates instruction is undoubtedly a fantastic way to spend your “working day” the professionals who earn higher rates will confirm that they put in countless hours behind the scenes to make it all seem effortless. Education is a crucial weapon in the arsenal of any instructor. Your ability to speak a language that your clients understand as well as your commitment to providing them with the experience they hope for in a professional setting makes all of the difference to your Pilates instructor pay.

Professionals understand their value and carry themselves with a sense of self-worth because they know exactly how much time they have spent getting to the level they are at. Securing your education fills you with a sense of purpose and a desire to share your knowledge and make a difference in the lives of others. Delivering a great service that you feel proud of makes it a lot easier to command higher rates, particularly when you can see demand for your instruction growing.

Enrol Today & Begin Your Journey to Earning Income as an Pilates Instructer

Becoming a pilates instructer and earning a certified Pilates instructor salary is the aim for any person that knows Pilates is more than just a hobby. The education you need to help you make the right steps and move forward with the confidence and sense of self-belief you need to make this a reality is right here and you can access it today.
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