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How to transition from Classical Pilates to Evidence-based Movement, with Adam McAtee

By Community Sessions
A FREE Live Community Session on “How to Transition from Classical Pilates to Evidence-based Movement” hosted by Breathe Education’s Trainer, Adam McAtee. 
What You’ll Learn:
  • What one thing everyone needs to see evolve in the Pilates industry
  • How Adam applied Pilates science principles to Pilates practice
  • Adam’s inspiring journey from being in an unfamiliar space to taking Breathe Education’s course and joining the teaching team while being blown away by optimum theories with references on the side.
  • Tips to become an evidence-based Pilates instructor

Simple Doesn’t Mean Easy, with Heath Lander and Raphael Bender

By Podcast

In the Diploma of Clinical Pilates program, students learn an invaluable resource for exercise programming called the “exercise toolbox.” Today, you’ll learn what it is and how to create your own exercise toolbox in this interview with Heath Lander. Today we discuss how to find the best type of exercise and level of intensity for each client on any given day and discover the power of simple, layered exercise programming.

What You Will Learn: 

  • What is the Exercise Toolbox (as taught in the Diploma of Clinical Pilates)?
  • How you can use the Exercise Toolbox to challenge each client at the right level 
  • How to design a dynamic warm-up that reduces injury risk and improves performance
  • How to support clients’ autonomy and use critical thinking skills when designing challenge
  • The power of simplicity in programming, and why it’s what your clients actually want

What is the Exercise Toolbox? 

The Exercise Toolbox is a list of exercises broken down into layers of challenge. Each list is made up of five to seven exercises based on one movement such as the push-up, curl-up, squat, etc. The main idea is to have a list of increasingly difficult exercises which you can use with any client, any time, regardless of what kind of day they’re having in terms of pain or ability level. Start at the bottom and work your way up with them. This way, according to Heath, clients don’t feel the discouragement and frustration of starting hard and having to modify. Rather, they get to feel stronger and more confident as they start simple and work up to more challenging exercises. 

The Power of Simplicity

The Exercise Toolbox is a specific way to think about exercise programming which allows instructors to think about movement in terms of strength, range of motion, and control. Heath and Raph discuss the beauty of simplicity in exercise programming but remind us that just because something is simple, it isn’t necessarily easy. With the right level of resistance, range of motion or instability, something as simple as lunges or body weight squats can be extremely challenging. Teaching complicated exercises just because they seem more challenging can be anything but enjoyable for the client. What’s amazing about the Exercise Toolbox is that because of its simplicity, you will be able to give your client the right level of challenge at the right time to move them to towards their goals.

How the Exercise Toolbox Helps Instructors to Improve

Heath explains how the exercise toolbox developed as he observed new Pilates instructors over the past several years. He noticed that new instructors who came to his studio had learned hundreds of exercises which weren’t progressive or grouped in any meaningful way. He also saw that instructors felt pressured to have a wide variety of exercises in each class and avoid repeating exercises. They thought that if they didn’t do it this way, their classes wouldn’t be popular. But Heath observed that those Pilates teachers who taught essentially the same set of movements each class were the most successful. Clients knew what to expect and felt challenged, not to mention, the teacher got really good at teaching those exercises! 

About Raphael Bender:

Raph believes everyone deserves the opportunity to transform into a better version of themselves. His main strength as a teacher and movement professional is the ability to distill complex research findings into a simple, science-based approach to help people move fearlessly, thoughtlessly, and painlessly. He LOVES running, weights, cycling, and Contrology.

Raph holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology (Rehabilitation), a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sports Science, Diploma of Pilates Movement Therapy, and STOTT PILATES full certification.

How to Connect with Raphael:

Purchase Raph’s new book:

  • Strengthen The Person Not Just The Body Part here
About Heath Lander:

Heath Lander had a chance encounter with Pilates which completely changed his life’s direction. He began training as a Pilates instructor at Breathe Education while seeing private clients in his home. Meanwhile, he was still working full time as a special needs art teacher and getting accustomed to life as a single dad. Over the next decade he taught over 15,000 hours of group and small group/clinical classes. He went on to open two locations of White Dog Studio, where the mission is to provide challenging, rewarding, and effective exercise for people over 40. He has also worked as an instructor trainer at Breathe Education since 2011 and has taught in the Certificate and Diploma courses. In 2021, he began working full time for Breathe Education and has created coursework and tutorial materials for the updated Diploma of Clinical Pilates. His other professional passion is online mentoring and trainer development through his personal brand, Contrology Collective.

How to Connect with Heath:

  • Find Heath on Instagram here
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Group Classes and Private sessions: How to Build a Sustainable Income Doing Both, with Belinda Survilla

By Community Sessions

A FREE Live Community Session on “Group Classes and Private sessions: How to Build a Sustainable Income Doing Both” hosted by Breathe Education’s Lead Trainer for Certification in Matwork & Reformer Pilates. 
What You’ll Learn:
  • How to make classes attractive to new clients (without giving away free classes!)
  • How to blend classes to avoid burnout
  • How to transition from a corporate gig to teaching Pilates

Community Session Episode 6

By Community Sessions

A FREE Live Community Session where Raphael Bender, Breathe Education’s CEO, unpack the following:

  • We are often told to keep our limbs and joints “straight” in certain exercises (ie supine arms in straps on the reformer). Can we talk about why we do this and are there any benefits?
  • Don’t do that, you might hurt yourself” – Is there a high prevalence of people who actually injure themselves in Pilates?
  • Do you ask permission to touch your clients – hands-on assist?
  • If someone has fear around their back pain and then experiences increased pain after a class – what language do you use to reassure them? Especially in the absence of a therapeutic relationship.

Community Session Episode 3

By Community Sessions

A FREE Live Community Session where Raphael Bender, Breathe Education’s CEO, unpack the following:

  • Can you stretch ligaments?
  • Can deadlifts cause bulging discs?
  • Delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS)
  • Do we educate or tell clients what they want to hear?

Community Session Episode 2

By Community Sessions

A FREE Live Community Session where Raphael Bender, Breathe Education’s CEO, unpack the following:

  • How do you take evidence-based facts into a studio?
  • Is ‘SIJ upslip’ actually a thing?
  • How do you help clients with sore necks when they avoid certain exercises?

What employers look for in a Pilates instructor with Joshua Norris Ongso

By Business, Pilates teaching No Comments

Josh Norris-Ongso is a classically trained dancer, physiotherapist and Pilates instructor. He founded S3 World in Melbourne and created his own style of Barre training based on his years as a ballet dancer and his biomechanical understanding from physiotherapy.

Josh now runs two busy studio-clinics, where he employs over 15 people. He shares his insights into what employers look for in a team member, and how to make yourself irresistible and irreplaceable as an instructor.


Shifting beliefs with Anula Maiberg

By Pilates industry, Pilates teaching One Comment

Anula Maiburg of Sixth Street Pilates NY is renowned as an original thinker, iconoclast, jumpsuit wearer and radical agent of change in the Pilates world. Her accolades include the cover of Pilates Style magazine, presenting on Pilates Anytime and several spots on the Pilates Unfiltered podcast.

Anula talks about the state of the industry, finding your way as a teacher and what it’s all for. Not to be missed!


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