Pilates Certification Course Information

How it works

Learn the 5 Key Skills of Pilates

Highly skilled instructors know 5 things:

  • The exercises on Mat & Reformer
  • How to cue the exercises
  • Class programming
  • Pre and postnatal
  • How to work with injuries

The Certification is made up of 5 modules each of 4 weeks. You’ll learn one key skill in each module. By the end of 20 weeks you’ll be confident no matter who walks into your Pilates session, and ready to change lives.

Daily Live Learning

Theory is important, but to build skill you need daily practice.

Inside the Certification you’ll spend about 1 hour/day practicing for 20 consecutive weeks. Daily practice means you get to make mistakes, and learn from them, and refine your technique. So by the end of your training you’ll be brimming with well earned confidence.


Live Coaching

Theory and practice are both important, but without coaching you don’t know if you’re doing it right. Every week in your tutorial session you’ll receive live coaching from your Trainer, on both your Pilates technique, and your teaching skills.

Coaching lets you fast track your learning and build confidence more quickly, and ultimately become the confident, inspiring instructor you want to be.


Theory, practice and coaching are all crucial for successful learning. But without accountability, many people struggle.

Inside the Certification there are 3 layers of accountability: Weekly live tutorials where your Trainer will check your work, weekly peer practice teaching sessions where you’ll be accountable to your classmates, and biweekly check in with your trainer who will hold you accountable for your coursework and overall progress.

These accountability structures make it easy for you to do the work you need to do, to build skill. And ultimately become what you want to become – a highly skilled, confident Pilates instructor.

Pilates Reformer,
Box & Foot-strap
Practicing on a Pilates reformer provides students with the confidence to start working in the Pilates industry as soon as their hours have been completed. To set you up for success you will be required to have access to a Pilates Reformer, Pilates Box and Foot-strap for lectures, tutorials and practice, either via a studio or at home.
If you don’t have access to these items, we have a list of affordable options you can explore. It financially makes sense to purchase a these items rather than pay for classes just to complete your 20-hours of personal practice on a reformer.
Explore some options here

Total time commitment: 9 hours per week

Your total study load of 9 hours per week is spread across the week, and comprises multiple different learning methods – lectures, tutorials, masterclasses, practice teaching and coursework.

This program design is much more flexible for you, PLUS it maximizes your learning by dripping the content and practice to you steadily, keeping you engaged, and learning the same content from several different angles – e.g. you’ll learn the theory of the exercises in your lecture, receive feedback on your technique in the tutorial, practice teaching them in your practice sessions, and learn how to cue them in the Masterclass, then answer questions on the correct technique in your coursework.

Choose your own session times from weekday AM, weekday PM and weekend times.



You don’t need to be perfect at all the moves to do this program.

Quite to the contrary. If you are doing regular Pilates classes at any level, you are fit enough to do this training.

One of the biggest misconceptions people have is that you need to be able to do all the moves perfectly before you can be a great teacher.

That is just plain not true. Doing the moves and teaching the moves are two different skills.

You need to be fit enough to do a 50-minute beginner or open-level Pilates class, but you don’t need to have any particular level of flexibility, or strength, or grace. You certainly don’t need to have a thigh gap.

People of all ages from 18-75, all levels of flexibility, and all body shapes have successfully completed this certification and are now teaching Pilates and loving life.

You can too!

Time Commitment

Most students find they need about 9 hours/week for their study.

That’s 1-2 hours/day, 5 days/week.

You can schedule WHEN you do those hours, with almost complete flexibility. We have trainers, and students right around the globe and there are sessions in the morning, during the day and in the evening throughout the week.


We’ve created a simple, clear and easy-to-use online learning experience for you. It really is simple.

If you can use Facebook, or send an email, you have enough computer skills to complete this program successfully.

Even if you struggle with sending an email, we’re only a phone call away, and we’ll talk you through any problems you have.

We have helped thousands of people complete this program successfully, and no-one has ever failed to graduate because of computer issues 🙂

We will look after you.

Pricing and Payment Options

Prices in $USD

One-Time PaymentMost popular

USD $ 5000


Total cost $5,000

Check Dates

Pay over 12 months

USD $ 377

per month

Initial Payment of $1,000

Total cost $5,150

Check Dates

Need a different payment schedule? Talk with us.

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Can I pay upfront?

Yes, you can.

We have payment plans of different lengths to accommodate your cash flow.

Enroll through the website or over the phone with one of the team.

Are there any extra costs?

We will not charge you anything additional. The cost is the cost. No hidden extras.

You will need to purchase your own textbooks (not from Breathe Education, approximate cost $40), and if you don’t have access to a reformer you will need to buy one (approximate cost $550).

Aside from that there are NO additional costs. Your program cost includes all exam fees, tuition fees, materials and administration fees.

The single exception is if you cancel or defer your training there is a charge.

How will my payment plan work?

Your credit or debit card will be charged each 30 days until you have paid the program fee in full.