Watch this step-by-step walkthrough of the Certification in Pilates

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Here’s what our students have to say

Vivian Hwang – I’m a Physical Therapist and I learned a lot of valuable tools that I can incorporate/carry over in my clinic through this course.

Amelia Hayes – Coming and doing this has given me so much confidence in myself. It literally changed my life.

Melissa Erbacher – The course was enjoyable, and meeting a lot of like-minded people throughout the course is really great.

Stacey Mercaldi – I had two C-sections 12 months apart and I was so scared I wouldn’t be able to do anything but now, I am walking away with lots of confidence and feeling empowered that I can do it.

Tania Rodrigues – I really just appreciate having a solid foundation in both reformer and mat works. As a result, I now feel much more confident in teaching lessons, which is quite a significant difference.

Cindy Phung – My confidence grew as the weeks progressed, I learned a lot and fewer things became less scary.

Patricia McDougall – I really love doing the course; there are no negatives. I feel like it has grown my confidence in another area that I never presumed I would study and yes, I’m gonna be moving forward with opening my own studio.

Brooke Alexander – I was doing this course and high school at the same time. Thank you for making learning a good thing, fun, and not something to be scared of. I think that’s the greatest gift anyone has ever given.