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This is a step-by-step walkthrough of how we’ll help you become a skilled, confident & highly employable Pilates instructor

Here’s what our students have to say

Brooke Alexander  – “Literally changed my life”

Tania Rodrigues – “I feel much more confident”

“A set of skills I will cherish for the rest of my life”

“I’ve grown so much!”

“I was worried about the online format… But it actually made it a lot easier”

“I have found a confidence in me that I never knew I had”

“Breathe has changed my life”

“This course made me into an infinitely better movement instructor”

“I was completely surprised by the online course, I had all the support I needed, much more than I expected.”

“This course opened up more employment opportunities… and I appreciate the support I’ve received as an alumni”

“Gave me a new lease on life.”

“Grew my confidence not just with teaching but with talking to groups of people in general.”

“The structure of the course is done so well, I have absolutely loved everything about it.”

“I feel so prepared and ready to dive right in.”

Vivian Hwang – “A lot of valuable tools that I can incorporate in my clinic”

Melissa Erbacher – “Meeting a lot of like-minded people”

“The learning platform is second to none and the trainers are exceptional.”

“I felt so supported throughout the entire course.”

“This course has truly been such an amazing learning experience.”

“I have come out of this course feeling confident, feeling successful, and feeling proud of what I’ve achieved.”

“Not only building up my confidence in teaching Pilates but building up my confidence in everyday life.”

“I had reservations about learning online but I felt really supported with lots of contact time.”

“I feel confident in myself and my knowledge… And my ability to deliver an epic Pilates class!”

“No more lacking confidence in getting my body to move, and the best thing is I can now teach it to others.”

“Not only do hiring studios look highly upon the qualification, but Breathe empowered me to be more confident in who I am as an instructor.”

“The online format offers the perfect balance of live teacher-led sessions, recorded and community”

“Completely opened my eyes to how amazing the human body is. I’m feeling so excited and prepared.”

“What an incredible experience.”

“Be prepared to come out knowing YOU REALLY KNOW YOUR STUFF.”

“Amazing company to be valued right from the beginning.”

“The support you receive throughout the course is 5 star.”

“Being through an online platform didn’t impact my learning, I felt I was completing classes in person from the comfort of my home.”

Patricia McDougall – “Grown my confidence”

Amelia Hayes – “The greatest gift anyone has ever given”

“I’ve loved learning online with all of the incredibly kind and knowledgeable instructors.”

“An online course like no other. The trainers, lecturers, students and community is worlds beyond anything else I have participated in.”

“I’m a larger bodied person and was concerned about being successful in the program. When Breathe says the teaching certification is attainable for every body, they walk the talk.”

“Best money I’ve ever spent.”

“Such an empowering course!”

“The best learning environment that I have ever received throughout my years of education.”

“A really fun, transformative learning journey.”

“The course surpassed all my expectations.”

“Completely changed my outlook on life and my passion for exercise.”

“I would recommend Breathe Education in a heartbeat. In fact I already do.”

“An amazingly well-run and beautifully structured course.”

“Breathe has been much more than just an educator, they have built a community.”

“A fantastic qualification. You won’t regret enrolling.”

“Such an empowering and genuinely wonderful experience.”

“All the trainers were so welcoming and encouraging and there wasn’t one thing that was unclear.”

“Being online didn’t inhibit the learning at all – if anything it made it better.”

Stacey Mercaldi – “Lots of confidence and feeling empowered”

Cindy Phung – “My confidence grew”

“I was hesitant about online study… But never did I feel lost or unsupported there is so much support.”

“I have trained with several other schools prior to Breathe and believe me when I say NOTHING compares.”

“I have become so much more confident in myself.”

“I have never been so supported or so nurtured during my studies.”

“The online learning experience is second to none. You can expect to graduate with every skill you’ll ever need.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed learning online and have felt supported the entire way.”

“I came away with the confidence to go straight into teaching.”

“I felt a million times more confidence.”

“Breathe has made me confident.”

“The best learning experience I have had.”

“One of the most fun, interactive, comprehensive and encouraging learning experiences I have ever had.”

“If you’re worried about training online, don’t be. It feels like you’re in the room with everyone.”

“I am now living my dream and loving every minute of it.”

“A beautiful community who continually inspire, encourage and respect one another.”

“Really loved my experience of Breathe from the very start.”

“I finished the course feeling industry ready and excited to start teaching.”

“Expect to leave with the confidence to teach your way, in your own voice and with the skills to be the best Pilates instructor you can be.”

“The online format is the perfect way to study even if working full time.”

“The online nature makes it easy to balance with everyday life, whilst gaining the skills and confidence to teach Pilates in the real world.”

“I have never felt more confident in myself and my ability.”

“Transformative would be an understatement.”

“The 21 weeks to obtain my certification has immensely changed my life.”

“The online delivery is incredible…”

“I am confident in my teaching abilities for a successful career.”

“It has empowered me to contribute in meaningful ways.”

“I couldn’t speak more highly of an educational experience.”

“The most comprehensive course I have ever done.”

“Studying with Breathe Education has been a life-changing experience for me.”

“I never thought an online course could feel this personal, encouraging and motivating!”

“An amazing, comprehensive Mat & Reformer Pilates course… All from the comfort of your home.”

“The support, content, and culture that Breathe offer is truly amazing!”

“Absolutely loved it. The instructors are brilliant!”

“An amazing course.”

“I am finishing this course feeling equipped to head out into the instructor world and succeed!”

“I was surprised (and delighted) that any online course could achieve such a level of personal attention/feedback and realistic practice teaching opportunities.”

“The staff are all so supportive and encouraging and the course content is mind-blowing.”

“20 weeks down the track with wonderful support, encouragement and instruction I am ready to begin a new career (at 50!).”

“I finished the course feeling confident and ready to move on.”

“Breathe Education has made me feel so much more confident in myself.”

“The most up to date current research delivered by the most inspiring Pilates teachers.”

“The depth of knowledge I have gained has rocketed my Pilates teaching into another stratosphere!”

“The most up to date current research delivered by the most inspiring Pilates teachers.”

“When I think about all the workshops and further education I have attended over the years this has been the best by far.”

“The self-doubt has gone and I’m so proud of what I’ve achieved.”

“After 20 weeks you’ll feel confident and inspired to share this fabulous form of movement with the world.” 

“I got a job even before I finish.”