Visualized Anatomy Coaching Program + Diploma of Clinical Pilates

Watch the video and see how to achieve complete confidence working with injured clients and really understand how the body works

Enrollments end June 30th*

*(Someone on my team pointed out I said enrollments end in July in the video when I actually meant June. Sorry for the slip 🤦🏻)

What is the combined Visualized Anatomy + Diploma of Clinical Pilates?

This is a 2-part done-with-you coaching program that’s all about implementation, accountability and community.

Part 1 is the brand new 6-week Visualized Anatomy Coaching Program which starts in the first week of July.

One of the biggest challenges incoming Diploma students have is understanding anatomy and how the body works.

This coaching program is designed to help you do just that.

My team and I are going to show you how to CAN learn anatomy so you really GET it.

Part 2 is the Diploma of Clinical Pilates which starts in late August.

This is a combined coaching program.

What You’re Getting Inside Part 1: Visualized Anatomy Coaching Program

I sincerely believe you do have a genius for anatomy, and my mission is to help you discover it.

This done-with-you coaching program is all about implementation, accountability and community.

I’ll take you by the hand over the next 6 weeks so you actually do the work to fully understand how the body works.

You’ll learn how to look at a movement and KNOW which muscles are working. And how to change the movement to change the muscles.

And we’ll take you deeper than any other anatomy program in the Pilates (or movement science) world.

We’ve had many degree-qualified healthcare professionals do the program and experience major breakthroughs in their understanding.

Visualized Anatomy Coaching Program includes a total of 15 in-person hours (replays available).

Six (6) 90-minute live tutorial sessions over 6 weeks with me.

Six (6) 60-minute tutorial sessions with one of our trainers where you get to DO the things you learn and apply your new knowledge with feedback

The topics we’re going to cover over the next 6 weeks include:

  • Muscles, ligaments & tendons
  • Bones and ligaments of the hip
  • Muscles & tendons of the hip
  • Bones and ligaments of the knee
  • Muscles & tendons of the knee
  • Structures that integrate the hip and knee

You don’t need ANY prior knowledge of anatomy to do this course. We’ll take you from square 1.

After the 6-week Visualized Anatomy Coaching Program, we’ll then start the Diploma of Clinical Pilates in August.

Here’s What We’ll Cover Inside Part 2: The Diploma of Clinical Pilates

You’ll get 43 weeks LIVE tuition delivered over a full calendar year – During the Diploma of Clinical Pilates you get more LIVE tuition than at ANY other Pilates course in the world. Work with your trainers and classmates live, every day, to create personal & professional breakthroughs that will change the course of your life!

43 Weekly live & recorded 90-minute lecture with Raphael – Take a deep dive into each topic every week with me over 90 minutes. Plus get the chance to get your questions answered during an interactive Q&A session at the end. – Easily Worth over USD $10,000

43 Weekly Live and Recorded Application Workshops – You’ll learn the tactical secrets to applying the theory with real clients – secrets compiled through decades of research and expertise. This is where you get your foundation of hands-on skill & confidence borne of long practice. – Value USD $4999

100+ hours of coursework videos, quizzes and written assignments. Get access to everything I’ve created to guide you on your journey to mastering the Whole Person Framework. Study at your own pace and refer back at any time in your career. This is what will turn you into an authentic, fearless Pilates Instructor – Value USD $4999.

43 Weekly Live Study Groups– This is where the magic happens! You’ll go through this experience with a team of classmates – you’ll get to know them and you’ll learn and grow together. During study groups you and your team of classmates will practice & apply everything you’re learning. The price to join each individual study group would be $49 which brings the total value to – Value USD $2107

The Whole Person Framework – You know lots of bits and pieces but you can’t join the dots between them. After the Diploma of Clinical Pilates, you will have a clear, coherent clinical framework – like a personal roadmap for rehabilitating any client! – that includes every aspect and phase of rehabilitation so you can expertly guide your injured clients to build both physical capacity and psychological resilience – Value Priceless

The Total Value for Everything Inside Visualized Anatomy Coaching Program and the Diploma of Clinical Pilates is Well Over USD $30,000

The price to join both the Live Visualized Anatomy Coaching Program & Diploma of Clinical Pilates is USD $10,000.

Payment plans are available.

Pricing & Payment Options

The Total Value for Everything You’ll Get by Joining The Diploma Plus the Coaching Program over the Next 12 Months is Well Over USD $30,000

One-Time PaymentMost Popular

USD $ 10,000

Single Payment

Pay over 12 months

USD $ 858


Total USD $10,296

Need a different payment schedule? Talk to us!

My Personal “You’ll Experience a Transformation Or Your Money Back” Guarantee

I understand this is a significant investment, and I want you to feel completely comfortable in your decision.

Ok – not completely comfortable because this is going to be outside your comfort zone – but I want you to know you’ll get what you pay for, and way more besides.

I truly care about guiding you towards future success like we’ve done with so many others in the past. So if you don’t experience the transformation in your teaching and understanding of the body we’ve promised we’ll personally work with you 1 on 1 until you do.

If it’s still not right for you, we’ll give a 100% refund of your investment. Yes every cent.

But only if you fully commit to doing the work. I want you to commit to taking action before you make this investment.

We’ve helped 3,214 Pilate Instructors and counting transform their careers.

We have a 100% track record.

(Just look at all the student videos above)

I promise it will work for you too. This will be the best money you ever spend on your education.

But only if you put in the work and take action.

All I ask is that you show me you’ve:

  • Attended / watched the lectures, workshops, review sessions
  • Attended and participated in your study groups
  • Done your coursework
  • This will take you a total of approximately 12 hours per week

Sound fair? 

How Do I Know If This Is For Me?

The Diploma Is For You If…

  • You’re ready for a full-year, in-depth transformational learning experience
  • You want to become a world-class professional with a deep and informed understanding of how the body works
  • You want to use your knowledge to help people
  • You’re hungry to experience new and more powerful ways of thinking, and to become a truly evidence-based practitioner
  • You’re ready to commit 12 hours per week for 1 year, to become a genius at anatomy and rehabilitation for the rest of your life

The Diploma Is NOT For You If..

  • You want a list of exercises for people with a given condition
  • You’re not interested in the “why” of pain, injury, and rehabilitation
  • You want a quick, easy, and cheap paper qualification
  • You don’t want to challenge your own thinking and preconceptions
  • You’re not ready to fully commit 12 hours per week to becoming the best you possibly can be

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