Diploma of Clinical Pilates

12-Month Internationally Recognized Diploma on The Whole Person Framework

In-Depth, Evidence-Based Step-by-Step, Transformative

Starts: 28th August 2022 US|UK / 29th August 2022 AU

Last Day of Enrolment: 31st July 2022

If you’re a Pilates Instructor who wants to become confident, fearless, and help your clients to the best of your ability… and can afford to invest just $27 per day…

The Diploma of Clinical Pilates will give you the skills to apply a proven, evidence-based framework and transform the way you teach Pilates.  

Here’s my promise to you:

You’ll experience a transformation in the way you view pain, the body, and how you work with your clients.

You’ll always have the answer to any question from any client with any injury when they ask why it hurts.

You’ll have more confidence, freedom, and find your unique voice as you heal your clients faster than even before.

Or ask for and receive a full refund.

Here’s an Overview of What You’re Getting Inside the Diploma of Clinical Pilates

  • 48-weeks of direction and guidance from both myself and an incredible group of dedicated teachers who inspire lifelong learning
  • Day-by-day high touch instruction going deep into each part of the proven 3-step Whole Person Framework
  • Weekly LIVE tutorials delivered over a full calendar year including weekly live & recorded 90-minute mind opening, engaging and challenging lectures with Raphael.
  • Weekly live study groups and workshops
  • 100+ hours of coursework videos, quizzes, and written assignments
  • You’ll become part of our Global Community of FEARLESS Movers
  • Exclusive access to premium weekly Open Office Hour with Raphael
  • And much more

See What These Diploma of Clinical Pilates Grads are Saying



“This course CHANGED my entire life, how I view pain, the body, and how I work with my clients. Forever grateful for it”



The best thing I have ever done for myself and my clients is graduating from the Clinical Diploma. I literally use it daily to help people and the results are phenomenal.”

– Maja Whitworth, Diploma of Clinical Pilates Graduate


“This course has given me more confidence and freedom as an instructor than I ever had before.”

– Tahlia Ware, Diploma of Clinical Pilates Graduate


“Completing the Certification and now the Diploma in Clinical Pilates have been the two most amazing journeys of my professional career and personal growth. These have been the most mind opening, engaging and challenging lectures I have ever attended.”

Pei Chen | Medical Doctor & Pilates instructor


“Without doubt, the best value for money of anything I have ever spent money on. An incredible group of dedicated teachers, who inspire lifelong learning and what is actually proven science, as opposed to historical myths which dominate the industry. You’ll come out of this course confident to teach anyone and help them live better lives. Could not recommend this highly enough.”


Chloe Ahern | Bachelor of Nursing & Pilates instructor


“What a GREAT experience! I feel confident going out into the world and teaching! I met the most amazing people along the way and nobody judges you if you cant touch your toes! If you’re thinking about it – GO FOR IT! Don’t delay! I’m the happiest I’ve ever been!!!!!!!!!

Lindy Burger | Mum of 3 & Pilates instructor

Want more proof?

Google “Diploma of Clinical Pilates” and you’ll find almost 300 reviews with a 4.9-star rating.

All past and current graduates experienced a transformation in the way they view pain, the body, and help their clients.

What You Get Inside the Diploma of Clinical Pilates?


You’ll get 43 weeks LIVE tutorials delivered over a full calendar year – During the Diploma of Clinical Pilates, you get more LIVE tutorials than at ANY other Pilates course in the world. Work with an incredible group of dedicated trainers and your classmates from around the world live, every day, to create personal & professional breakthroughs that will change the course of your life!


43 Weekly live & recorded 90-minute lectures with Raphael – Take a deep dive into each topic inside highly engaging and interactive lessons every week with Raph for 90 minutes. Plus get the chance to get your questions answered during an open-mic Q&A session at the end. – Easily Worth over $10,000


43 Weekly Live and Recorded Application Workshops – You’ll learn the tactical secrets to applying theory with real clients – secrets compiled through decades of research and expertise. This is where you get your foundation of hands-on skill & confidence in a real world setting. – Value $4999


100+ hours of coursework videos, quizzes, and written assignments. Get access to everything I’ve created to guide you on your journey to mastering the Whole Person Framework. Study at your own pace and refer back at any time in your career. This is what will turn you into an authentic, fearless Pilates Instructor – Value $4999.


43 Weekly Live Study Groups– This is where the magic happens! You’ll go through this experience with a team – you’ll get to know them and you’ll learn and grow together. During study groups, you and your team of classmates will practice & apply everything you’re learning. The price to join each individual study group would be $49, which brings the total to – Value $2107. 


The Whole Person Framework – You know lots of bits and pieces but you can’t join the dots between them. After the Diploma of Clinical Pilates, you will have a clear, coherent clinical framework – like a personal roadmap for rehabilitating any client; that includes every aspect and phase of rehabilitation so you can expertly guide your injured clients to build both physical capacity and psychological resilience. – Value Priceless

We Will Work Closely Together to Transform the Way You Teach Pilates So You Develop Your Unique Voice, Become Confident and Fearless


We have a track record of 3000+ Pilates instructors from all walks of life from around the world that have experienced this transformation, and we want to keep it that way!)

You’ll get ongoing weekly support from our team, trainers, and myself. We sincerely want you to succeed in transforming the way you teach Pilates.

You’ll get access to toolboxes, checklists, cheat sheets, guidelines, and templates for every aspect of client work.

You’ll get high touch support and guidance each step along the way to make it as close to certain as possible so you’ll experience a similar transformation too.

You’ll get unlimited tech support with a real human via chat and on the phone.

Plus, You’ll Become Part of Our Global Community of FEARLESS Movers

Ever felt like you’re on your own a lot as a Pilates instructor?

You’re in the studio all day working with clients. But in a very real sense you’re alone.

You have nobody else to really talk to about Pilates.

Pilates instruction can be a lonely experience.

Which is why you’ll join our Community of Fearless Moves.

You’ll get to meet and make friends with instructors around the world who all share the same passion and sense of belonging.

You’ll join a community where you help each other out and work towards the common goal of HELPING YOUR CLIENTS TO THE BEST OF YOUR ABILITY.

You’ll have a community to cheer you on, to celebrate your wins, & guide you as little or as much as you need

Value – Priceless.

And Finally You Get Exclusive Access to Premium Weekly Open Office Hour With Raph


Weekly Open Office Hour with Raphael where you can talk with Raph live and discuss anatomy, pathology, pain science and biomechanics, and client questions – Value $2999

That’s Easily Worth Over $30,000 of Premium Quality Training, Group Coaching, Live Time with Raph, Your Global Community of Movers, Start-of-the-Art Learning Design & Ongoing High Touch Support Both During Your Program And After You Graduate

How Do I Know If This Is For Me?

The Diploma Is For You If…

  • You’re ready for a full-year, in-depth transformational learning experience
  • You want to become a world-class professional with a deep and informed understanding of how the body works
  • You want to use your knowledge to help people
  • You’re hungry to experience new and more powerful ways of thinking, and to become a truly evidence-based practitioner
  • You’re ready to commit 12 hours per week for 1 year, to become a genius at anatomy and rehabilitation for the rest of your life

The Diploma Is NOT For You If..

  • You want a list of exercises for people with a given condition
  • You’re not interested in the “why” of pain, injury, and rehabilitation
  • You want a quick, easy, and cheap paper qualification
  • You don’t want to challenge your own thinking and preconceptions
  • You’re not ready to fully commit 12 hours per week to becoming the best you possibly can be
  • You’re unable to invest $27 a day

Here’s What You Get Inside Your One Year Diploma

Module 1. Lower Extremity & Special Populations.

Starts on August 28th 2022 and ends on December 5th 2022


Week Starting Topic

Learning Outcomes

1 US – 28 Aug | AUS – 29 Aug  




Hip: Anatomy overview
2 US – 4 Sep | AUS – 5 Sep Hip: Pathology: FAI, bursitis/GTPS
3 US – 11 Sep | AUS – 12 Sep Hip: Postsurgical rehabilitation
4 US – 18 Sep | AUS – 19 Sep Hip assessment: Someone has hip pain what do you do?
5 US – 25 Sep | AUS – 26 Sep  




Knee: Anatomy overview: Practical Assessment 1
6 US – 2 Oct | AUS – 3 Oct Knee: ACL rehab
7 US – 9 Oct | AUS – 10 Oct Knee: Patellofemoral pain syndrome, meniscal tear
8 US – 16 Oct | AUS – 17 Oct Knee assessment: Someone has knee pain, what do you do?: Practical Assessment 2
9 US – 23 Oct | AUS – 24 Oct Research project preparation
10 US – 30 Oct | AUS – 31 Oct  



Special populations

Arthritis/ Scoliosis
11 US – 6 Nov | AUS – 7 Nov Osteoporosis / Older Adults
12 US – 13 Nov | AUS – 14 Nov Hypermobility/ Pelvic instability: Practical Assessment 3
13 US – 20 Nov | AUS – 21 Nov Prenatal, Postpartum, Diastasis rectus & POP
14 US – 27 Nov | AUS – 28 Nov Cancer / Joint replacement: Practical Assessment 4
15 US – 4 Dec | AUS – 5 Dec Module wrap up


Module 2. Apply a Biopsychosocial Approach to Clinical Pilates

Starts on January 8th 2023 and ends on April 17th 2023


Week starting


Learning outcomes


US – 8 Jan | AUS – 9 Jan  


Guideline-based care

The Whole Person Framework


US – 15 Jan | AUS – 16 Jan Distinguishing pain from injury


US – 22 Jan | AUS – 23 Jan The biopsychosocial nature of pain


US – 29 Jan | AUS – 30 Jan Physical activity guidelines


US – 5 Feb | AUS – 6 Feb Guideline-based care


US – 12 Feb | AUS – 13 Feb  


Foundations of movement science

Foundations of rehabilitation


US – 19 Feb | AUS – 20 Feb Principles and practice of strength training: Practical Assessment 1


US – 26 Feb | AUS – 27 Feb Motor learning


US – 5 Mar | AUS – 6 Mar  


Working with whole humans

Psychosocial elements of pain 1


US – 12 Mar | AUS – 13 Mar Psychosocial elements of pain 2


US – 19 Mar | AUS – 20 Mar Reading scan reports


US – 26 Mar | AUS – 27 Mar Behaviour change skills


US – 2 Apr | AUS – 3 Apr

Research skill

Research Project: Practical Assessment 2




US – 16 Apr | AUS – 17 Apr Module Wrap Up

Module 3. Spine and Upper Extremity

Starts on May 7th 2023 and ends on August 7th 2023


Week starting


Learning outcomes


US – 7 May | AUS – 8 May  



Lumbar & Thoracic

Spine: Anatomy Overview


US – 14 May | AUS – 15 May ACSM guidelines key points + radiculopathy, disc bulge, sciatica


US – 21 May | AUS – 22 May Spine: Disc bulge, pars fracture, spondylolisthesis


US – 28 May | AUS – 29 May Spine assessment 1: Strength and ROM tests 


US – 4 Jun | AUS – 5 Jun Spine assessment 2: Matching symptoms and findings 


US – 11 Jun | AUS – 12 Jun  




Neck: Anatomy Overview


US – 18 Jun | AUS – 19 Jun Neck: Radiculopathy, disc bulge, stenosis: Practical Assessment 1


US – 25 Jun | AUS – 26 Jun Neck assessment: Clinical practice guidelines KNGF


US – 2 Jul | AUS – 3 Jul Research project preparation: Practical Assessment 2


US – 9 Jul | AUS – 10 Jul  



Shoulder girdle

Shoulder Anatomy Overview


US – 16 Jul | AUS – 17 Jul Shoulder: Rotator cuff related shoulder pain / subacromial shoulder pain


US – 23 Jul | AUS – 24 Jul Shoulder: Frozen shoulder, dislocation, neck-related shoulder pain: Practical Assessment 3


US – 30 Jul | AUS – 31 Jul Shoulder: Assessment – triage neck/stability/injury 


US – 6 Aug | AUS – 7 Aug Postsurgical rehabilitation – strength and ROM tests: Practical Assessment 4

Here’s What Your Weekly Schedule Looks Like When You Join the Diploma

1 Lecture


  • Your lecture marks the start of the week
  • You will be introduced to new skills and concepts that will be applied in your tutorials and review sessions throughout each week.
  • There is plenty of time for questions.
  • You can attend these lectures LIVE or watch recorded at a time that best suits you.

1 Tutorial


  • A LIVE interactive tutorial with your trainer and peers where you will review the lecture content and work through a group workshop activity.
  • Practical assessments intermittently take place in tutorials for ALL students.



1 Workshop


  • A LIVE workshop runs 1 per week shortly after the LIVE lecture and the recording is uploaded to your coursework. 
  • These workshops provide a trainer lead application of the workshop activity that is scheduled for the week’s tutorials.
  • Attending/viewing the workshop session is equivalent to attending a tutorial.

2 x Reviews

(60min each)

The Review sessions are an opportunity to unpack the weeks content and apply to it to professional contexts with a trainer. There are 3 review sessions that run each week. You can participate/observe either LIVE or recorded.


  • 1st review of the week: Lecture Review
  • 2nd review of the week: Studio Application
  • 3rd review of the week: Anatomy Review

2 x Study Groups

(60min each)

A guided peer group where you practice your skills, refine your knowledge, and benefit from working with students at different levels of experience, fitness and skill as you build professional relationships with Pilates Instructors from all over the world.

Online Coursework


Pre-recorded videos & quizzes that support the skills you’re learning face to face. Completing coursework in alignment with the broader course sequence is an explicit commitment of this course and strong predictor of student success.

There are two compulsory weekly submissions:

  1. Story Time (approx. 2min)
  2. Weekly Written Learning Reflection (approx. 10min)

Pricing & Payment Options

One-Time PaymentMost Popular

USD $ 10,000

Single Payment

Pay over 12 months

USD $ 858


Total USD $10,296

That’s about $27.40 per day for the duration of the Diploma. (Excluding the lifetime access you get to the training, Community and others).

Depending on where you live in the world, you won’t get much change from that much buying a few coffees every day.

We’ve certified well over 3000 Pilates Instructors since 2008.

96.8% of our students have a job or further education on Graduation. (According to the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) Student Outcome Survey 2019).

You have a high probability of experiencing the same transformations and success as the thousands of other Pilates instructors like you.

Need a different payment schedule? Talk to us!

The Diploma of Clinical Pilates Makes You an In-Demand Instructor Who Gets the Best (Highest Paying) Group & Private Clients

Here’s The Proof


According to Payscale.com, more experienced Pilates instructors in the U.S. can earn 27% MORE than the average hourly rate.

The Diploma will give you this experience and, based on the statistic above, can increase your annual salary by up to $18,000 PER YEAR. You can almost double your investment in a single year.

The experience, knowledge and skills you’ll gain inside the Diploma will turn you into an in-demand instructor for private clients too.

The Pilates in America Study (2016) showed most clients in the survey spent between $100 to $999 on private classes over six months.

You only need a handful of these higher paying clients who demand the best instructors – which the Diploma will turn you into – to get a return on your investment.

You can even generate MORE than your investment in the Diploma by teaching a weekly online class with 10 clients who each pay $20 per week for a year.

10 clients a week each paying $20 each is $200 per session. 52 sessions a year will make you an extra $10,400.

I’m not saying any of this will happen to you.

Rather I want to give you perspective to show you how quickly and easily you can get a significant return on your investment in the Diploma.

And a few ways the Diploma can transform your future career as a Pilates instructor.

As usual it’s 100% backed by my air-tight money-back guarantee.  

My Personal “You’ll Experience a Transformation” Or Your Money Back Guarantee


I understand this is a significant investment. I want you to feel completely comfortable in your decision.

I truly care about guiding you towards future success like we’ve done with so many others in the past.

The transformations and successes of the 3000+ Diploma graduates speak for themselves.

If you don’t experience the results we’ve promised, we’ll personally work with you 1 on 1 until you do.

If it’s still not right for you, we’ll give a 100% refund of your investment.

I want you to commit to taking action before you make this investment.

We’ve helped over 3000 Pilates Instructors from all walks of life, backgrounds and financial situations transform their careers.

We have a 100% track record.

I promise it will work for you too.

But only if you put in the work and take action.

All I ask is that you show me you’ve:


Sound fair? 

Enrollments Ends on 31st July 2022
Diploma of Clinical Pilates Starts on 28th August 2022 US|UK//29th August 2022 AU

Apply Now


 P.S. Worried about how much it costs?

Let me put things into perspective:

According to Research.Collegeboard.org, the average cost PER YEAR for a 4-year college degree was $10,740 for in-state residents and a whopping $27,560 PER YEAR for out of state residents in the U.S.

That doesn’t include the yearly $10,000++ for accommodation, food, living expenses etc.

If you wanted to get a degree in physiology, you’re looking at paying around $90,000 if you study in your own state and $150,000 if you study in a different state.

University degrees – both undergraduate and a Masters – have similar insanely high price tags in the UK and Australia too.

I did a four-year degree, and while it gave me a foundation of knowledge, it wasn’t enough.

Nor did it give me the practical steps to implement my knowledge in the real world with real clients who have real injuries.

When I created the Diploma of Clinical Pilates, I did so to condense far more than you’d learn doing a university degree into a one-year program.

Since 2008 we’ve certified more than 3,000 Pilates instructors around the world.

The reasons the Diploma is so popular is because of our incredible community, state-of-the-art learning design, ACE accreditation, and high-touch support both during your program, and after you graduate.

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