Do You Feel Like A Fraud? How Hundreds Of Pilates Instructors Stopped ‘Faking It’ With Injured Clients And 100X Their Knowledge And Confidence

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Finally Banish Your Inner-Fraud When You Work With Injured Pilates Clients

“You’ve Been A Pilates Instructor For 2+ Years. You Love Your Job But There’s This Problem You Can’t Escape. People Ask You For Your Help And You Don’t Know The Answers. You’re In The Spotlight, Exposed. You Fumble Your Way Through, But You Feel Like A Fraud. Thinking To Yourself “If I Only Knew More…”

If you start to doubt your knowledge and feel like a fraud…struggle with the dreaded ‘impostor syndrome’…or worry you might make things WORSE when a Pilates client presents with an injury…then what you’re about to read could change your life AND your career forever. Here’s why:

My name is Raphael Bender and I’m the founder of Breathe Education – the world’s #1 Clinical Pilates educators. I’ve seen THOUSANDS of students struggle with these same issues. You want to help injured clients from chronic pain to their best health…but you lack the advanced knowledge of the body to make it happen. Not anymore…

Eliminate All Doubt In Your Teaching With The World’s #1 LIVE Online Diploma of Clinical Pilates

What if you had a comprehensive understanding of how the body works? What if you knew what’s happening internally to cause the injury… AND exactly what type of Pilates movements can help to strengthen and repair it? This is the kind of knowledge our Diploma of Clinical Pilates gives you.

It takes your foundational knowledge to a whole new level where you can confidently handle ANY client presenting with a chronic injury. PLUS, the diploma is globally recognized, and can be completed 100% online, so you can complete your study from the comfort of your own home – no travel required.

Gain The Critical Movement Knowledge And Confidence To Get The Best Results For Your Clinical Clients!

Have you ever thought… “I wish I had a deeper understanding of how the body works so I could help my injured clients”? Many of our students wish the same thing…With our Diploma of Clinical Pilates, you’ll get the critical movement based knowledge and in-depth biomechanics you need… in just 1 year studying part-time!

You’ll gain a clear understanding of advanced anatomy, biomechanics, pathology, and pain science. However, this comprehensive certification isn’t just about memorizing theory. You’ll have LIVE weekly classes and tutorials in a small group where you will interact with your tutors… and have lots of practice and case studies to build real-world skills.

5 Ways You’ll Become A Better Instructor During Your Diploma of Clinical Pilates…

Gain 100% Clarity On How Injuries Affect The Inside Of The Body

Know what to do for common presentations like disc herniation, arthritis, stenosis, joint replacement, abdominal separation, shoulder impingement and many more.

How To Effectively Cue Your Clients Based On The Latest Motor Learning Research

You’ll discover how to confidently run your classes, both online and offline, and use movements based on the most current scientific research in exercise physiology.

99+ Proven Techniques To Progress Your Clients In The Studio Or At Home

We’ll reveal a myriad of clever ways to use the Mat, Reformer, small props and household items to progress your clients, help them build strength, and recover from injury.

Easily Grow Your Confidence And Ability To Help Clients With Injuries

You’ll be able to communicate with clients and health professionals, read scan reports and understand diagnoses so you can treat the injury effectively.

What To Do When Your Clients Present With Medical Conditions And For Special Populations

Understand how to tailor movements for clients with cancer, arthritis, osteoporosis, scoliosis, abdominal separation, prenatal and postpartum, older adults, joint replacement and more.

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PLUS, Get A BONUS ‘How To Teach Pilates To People With Injuries’ Info Pack (Worth $397)

Get Crystal-Clear On The Inner Workings Of The Body So You Can Truly Help Your Clients

Do you ever wonder about the cause behind your clients’ injury? Or why certain Pilates movements work better to avoid pain and strengthen the affected area? Our Diploma of Clinical Pilates removes the mystery and gives you 100% clarity on how each component of the body works.

During our 12-month in-depth program, you’ll complete a variety of clinical assessments and treatment approaches that will give you an in-depth understanding of human anatomy (not memorizing trivia and endless terminology – true understanding). Plus, everything you’ll learn is constantly updated and based on the most advanced and current scientific research… not old information from 20+ years ago!

Take Your Pilates Career To New Heights So You Can Improve Your Working Life

Tired of feeling like a hamster on a wheel… teaching high-volume classes day and night, week after week? You’re teaching quantity, not quality. You need to get out of this rut before the mundane routine sabotages your love for teaching Pilates and making a real difference in your clients’ lives.

Our Diploma of Clinical Pilates can reinspire you, elevate your career and reignite your passion. You’ll gain the skills and knowledge needed to make a real impact on your clients. Plus, you’ll set yourself apart and increase your value to employers… opening up the potential to teach private classes to your desired schedule.

An Internationally Recognized Qualification Which Increases Your Value To Clients And Employers

Never second guess yourself again! Our Diploma of Clinical Pilates is globally recognized, giving you the confidence, skills and credentials to teach anywhere in the world. The certification was developed by qualified exercise physiologists especially for qualified Pilates instructors like you.

Whenever you apply for a highly coveted position at a premium Pilates studio… whenever new clients ask you about your education… you’ll have complete confidence in your skills, knowledge and qualifications. You’ll be a step above the competition and ready to help every person in your class – with or without injury. Apply today and take your Pilates career to new heights!

Why Our Diploma Of Clinical Pilates Is The #1 Choice Worldwide…

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    World’s Only 100% Online Diploma Of Clinical PilatesWe deliver you the highest quality education and our certifications are based on the latest scientific research and studies… which is why it’s the only 100% globally recognized clinical Pilates certification.

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    The Most LIVE Interactive Contact Hours Of Any Clinical Pilates ProgramWWe’ve been able to focus and optimize the program for online learning… making it more effective and giving you more LIVE contact hours than any comparable certification.

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    Generous And Flexible Payment Plans To Suit Most BudgetsPrice shouldn’t be what holds you back from becoming the best Pilates instructor you can be… which is why we have multiple payment options starting from just $479 per month.

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    All-Inclusive Pricing With No Mentor Fees Or Hidden ChargesWhat you see is what you get at Breathe… your monthly program fees cover everything needed to complete your qualification (no nasty hidden charges!).

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    Non-Expiring Qualification With No Need To Maintain AccreditationUnlike some bachelor degrees and most other Pilates certifications, you won’t need to complete CEC (Continuing Education Credit) points to maintain your accreditation… saving you hundreds of dollars per year (you stay qualified for life).

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PLUS, Get A BONUS ‘How To Teach Pilates To People With Injuries’ Info Pack (Worth $397)

Google Reviews

I could not recommend Breathe Education any more highly! They have curated such a professional, nurturing, and intelligent community full of like-minded and passionate people. The online learning experience is second to none, and you can expect to graduate the course with every skill you could ever need in the world of Pilates instruction!

- Kate Swain

My time learning at Breathe Education has been one of the most positive experiences of my life. What I value the most is that once you complete your training you're still very much apart of the Breathe community & it's that connection to your peers & teachers that is priceless. Thankyou Breathe Education! You guys changed my life!

- Julianne Armer

Breathe has been much more than just an educator. They have built a community. One that I will forever be thankful to be a part of. The trainers, just wow. They are REAL people who welcome mistakes, build your confidence, make every class insightful & enjoyable (I don't think there has been one class without laughter). I am sad my Cert IV course has ended, but excited to see where the journey will take me next. I would definitely like to further my studies in the future by taking on the Diploma course. Thank you to everyone for all that you have given me.

- Emma Geddes

Breathe Education is an outstanding course - from the structure of the course, the quality of content and the amazing trainers that make everything happen. It creates a positive space for people to connect, support and motivate each other as we worked towards the same goal. I couldn’t speak more highly of an educational experience.

- Samantha Hickey

I completed both my Certificate 4 and Diploma this year. The process was so seamless and enjoyable. Breathe make it easy to learn and understand the content. Their guidance and support is priceless. They create such an empowering environment. The teachers are exceptional and generous with their knowledge, they each have different and valuable skills. I’ve loved every minute and made great friends along the way. Thanks BREATHE

- Carmen Spiteri

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Breathe Education Is The World’s #1 Pilates Educator

Raphael Bender founded Breathe Education in 2012. Since then, we’ve become the most popular Pilates educator in Australia, training more than 3,000 instructors in the last 5 years alone. Our mission is to help people transform into fearless, scientifically literate instructors using the very latest evidence and teaching practices. All our certification programs are created by qualified exercise physiologists and are accredited by the American Council on Exercise.

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PLUS, Get A BONUS ‘How To Teach Pilates To People With Injuries’ Info Pack (Worth $397)

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

Our mission is to give you the knowledge to make a real difference to your clients’ injuries and take your Pilates career to new heights.

If after completing all the program requirements, you are not completely satisfied that you have achieved your goal, we will give you 100% of your money back.

Full details of the guarantee are in our Terms and Conditions of Service.

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PLUS, Get A BONUS ‘How To Teach Pilates To People With Injuries’ Info Pack (Worth $397)


Claim Your FREE 20-Minute ‘Advance Your Pilates Instruction’ Session with Our Clinical Pilates Experts & We’ll Give You A BONUS ‘How To Teach Pilates To People With Injuries’ Info Pack (Worth $397)

The next intake for our Globally Recognized Online Diploma of Clinical Pilates is open NOW… but places are limited!

Book your free 20-minute ‘Advance Your Pilates Instruction’ Discovery Call with one of our Clinical Pilates Experts. On the call we’ll review your individual needs, situation and career goals. Then, based on what you tell us, we’ll let you know if this certification is the best fit for you. All your burning questions will be answered for free, with zero-obligation on your behalf.

Here’s just a fraction of what you’ll discover in your FREE session if you book in now…

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    How You Can Elevate Your Existing Pilates Skillset And Completely Transform The Lives Of Injured Clients - Especially if you feel like an imposter ‘faking it’ when you teach.

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    The Top 3 Steps To Tackling Injuries With a Physiotherapist Mindset – learn how you can identify and address problems no matter how obscure.

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    How You Can Pull In 3X The Earnings (OR More!) Of Regular Pilates Instructors By Applying Specialised Clinical Knowledge To Your Instruction - You’ll learn the in depth knowledge and skills necessary to teach studio and private classes so you pocket more money while freeing up more precious time.

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    The Exact Reasons Why 200+ Hours Of LIVE Online Interactive Teaching Hours Beats In Person Instruction Every Single Time - And We’ll Reveal Why Students Come To Us After Wasting Time And Money With Other Pilates Educators.

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    PLUS You’ll Get Our FREE Complimentary ‘How to Teach Pilates To People with Injuries’ Ebook (Worth $397) AND a 90-Minute Video Lecture with Referenced Lecture Notes – so you can fully understand exactly how to work confidently with people with pain and injuries in your group classes.

PLUS, Get A BONUS ‘How To Teach Pilates To People With Injuries’ Info Pack (Worth $397)

Available Spots Are Filling Up… FAST!

We would love to offer a 100% FREE Clinical Pilates upskill session to everyone. However, we also teach Pilates classes as well… so we can NOT fit everyone in with our current workload. Act quickly to secure your transformation session NOW!

Claim your Complimentary 20-minute ‘Advance Your Pilates Instruction’ Session now. But hurry, spots are limited!

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PLUS, Get A BONUS ‘How To Teach Pilates To People With Injuries’ Info Pack (Worth $397)