Diploma of Clinical Pilates Requirements

Prerequisites: Qualification in Pilates Matwork and or Reformer and or Fitness

Learning outcomes:
  • You’ll gain a deep knowledge of how the body works, and sometimes doesn’t work
  • You’ll understand how to help clients overcome pain and improve function
  • You’ll learn evidence-based practice and how to research to answer your own questions

Requirements to Graduate:

  • Successfully completed all Practical Assessments
  • Watched or attended all lectures
  • Watched or attended a minimum of two review sessions per week
  • Submitted all weekly story time and written reflections
  • Successfully Completed all quizzes and written assessments in your Online Learning Portal
  • Successfully Completed and submitted your Logbook hours (aka study groups and personal practice or equivalents)
  • Completed all course payments

Weekly Activities: 9 Hours Per Week


1.5 hours

Live online lecture

1.5 hours

Live online tutorials (self paced/recorded option is available if preferred to live attendance)

2 hours

Live online study groups with classmates

2 hours

Live online or recorded course content review sessions

2 hours

Coursework (videos & quizzes)


Access to Breathe Education Masterclass subscription for optional additional Pilates practice


Lectures and review sessions are live, plus recorded so you can watch later.


Tutorials are live however there is a self paced/recorded option for those who prefer it

Weekly Story time Video and Reflection

Submit a 2-minute story time video and 150 word reflection
Things to note:
  • There are multiple times to choose from each week for tutorials and practice sessions.
  • Certification: Diploma of Clinical Pilates
  • Average time to certify: 12 months
  • Program deadline: 18 months
  • All course fees must be paid before you receive your diploma certification