Become Confident and Clear Teaching Pilates to Clients With Diastasis

Let me show you how in these FREE live workshops

Get to grips with the anatomy!

In this free 2-part live training series, we’re going to go deep into:

  • The anatomy and causes of diastasis including anatomy of the abdominal muscles and the forces they exert on the linea alba
  • How to help clients with diastasis including short and long-term effects of different exercises
  • Why we need to address psychosocial factors including how to apply the Whole Person Framework for clients with diastasis including how to build a therapeutic alliance, build physical capacity and build psychological resilience with your clients.

Increase your confidence!

After attending these live sessions you’ll come away feeling knowledgeable, confident, clear and ready to transform the way you help people through Pilates. 

My goal is to help you feel confident, clear and FEARLESS when you work with any clients with any injury even if (especially if) you…

  • Feel like you don’t get anatomy (or you don’t know enough)
  • Feel inauthentic or like a fraud because you can’t answer your clients questions
  • Worry about teaching clients with diastasis
Your Host

Raphael Bender CEO at Breathe Education

Raphael’s mission is to help Pilates instructors around the world become better, happier and more successful using science.

Raph has a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science and a Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology (Rehabilitation).

His unique gift is to synthesize complex scientific information into clear, concise actionable points you can use right away.

Raphael live in Melbourne Australia with his wife and daughter.

He’s a dog person, introvert, pineapple on pizza person, morning person, and lover of coffee. Like really a lot.

Register Now!

Workshop 1: The Anatomy and Causes of Diastasis, and How to Help Clients with Diastasis


  • US PDT: Wed 15 June 1:00 pm
  • UK BST: Wed 15 June 9:00 pm
  • AU AEST: Thur 16 June 6:00 am
Workshop 2: How to Apply the Whole Person Framework for Clients with Diastasis (and Any Other Client with Any Injury)

  • US PDT: Fri 17 June 1:00 pm
  • UK BST: Fri 17 June 9:00 pm
  • AU AEST: Sat 18 June 6:00 am
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