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Free Template Liability Waiver & Release for Teaching Pilates Online

Clearpoint Legal have provided this free liability waiver for you. All you need to do is add your ABN and send it to your clients.

Here is some further general advice from Helen at Clearpoint:

To be effective, the waiver needs to be informed – so participants need to be provided the waiver prior to completing their first class so that if they aren’t comfortable providing the waiver then they can elect not to participate;

Instructors should keep a record of exactly who the waiver has been provided to by ensuring they collect full names when people register, and cross check this against the names of class participants;

Even though the waiver and release is being completed, Instructors should still take a reasonable level of care, so if there is generic advice they are able to give about things like how much space participants should clear prior to starting the class, this would minimise the risk of participants trying to make a complaint notwithstanding the waiver;

There is a line around use of video footage/photos for promotional purposes, so that if participants don’t consent they should let the Instructor know. Best practice however, if any of the instructors want to use footage or stills for social media or other marketing, is to get the specific consent of anyone who can be identified in the footage;

Obtaining insurance would further reduce any personal risk to instructors, as I imagine a lot of them will be operating as sole traders in their own name, so won’t have the limited liability that operating through a company offers. This might be more of a “nice to have” at the moment though, as it could be a large expense;

Instructors should also familiarise themselves with regulations around advertising their classes so that they avoid potentially misleading conduct, the ACCC has some useful resources here, as well as ensuring they comply with any relevant Facebook, Instagram etc. terms when advertising their business.

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