97% of Breathe Education Graduates Get Pilates Instructor Jobs

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Here Is How to Land Your Dream Pilates Instructor Job 

Are you hoping to land a job as a Pilates instructor? It might surprise you, but well-trained Pilates instructors are in demand. It’s not uncommon for instructors to replace their previous income with just part-time hours. Many of the instructors trained by Breathe are earning up to $74,100 a year doing something they truly love.

You’re in the right place because there is no better option than Breathe Education for the purpose of getting a job as a Pilates instructor. As a matter of fact, the vast majority of Breathe Education graduates get a job or otherwise achieve the goals they had before they began the training. Since 2008 we’ve certified more than 3,000 Pilates instructors around the world. With that impressive track record, you can be confident that you’ll find what you’re seeking. And we have the data to back up that claim.

Breathe Education’s Uniquely Advanced Pilates Training

Before we dive into the data, we should talk about the type of Pilates training you can expect to receive. Breathe Education is unique among Pilates training providers in that we base ours on the latest scientific discoveries. We don’t rely solely on other people’s work or on old information from the previous century. Most Pilates training providers do, which is what puts them behind.

On the other hand, we do our homework to make sure your homework follows the best possible curriculum. When you get trained via Breathe Education, you gain access to new techniques and training no one else offers. Offering the most advanced methods available – that is what puts us far ahead of anyone else in the Pilates training market. Now that we’ve thoroughly driven that point home, let’s proceed to back it up with scientific data.

Employment Results of Breathe Education

In 2019, the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) conducted a detailed study on Breathe Education graduates. Not only that, but they also compared them to all vocational education and training (VET) graduates in Australia. Their findings are quite compelling, and they speak quite favorably of Breathe Education’s results for Pilates job seekers.

The most significant part of the study is that 96.8 percent of Breathe Education graduates were either employed or engaged in further study after their training. That means that nearly everyone who completed the training with Breathe Education got a job. Either that or they continued receiving more training to hopefully get a job as a Pilates instructor shortly after. It should be noted that 85.6 percent of all VET provider graduates in Australia had similar results. But Breathe Education had even more top-quality results.

Also, according to the NCVER study, 82.6 percent of Breathe Education graduates improved their employment status after receiving their training. That is markedly better than the 65.8 percent for all VET provider graduates in Australia. So Breathe Education doesn’t just leave its graduates in the same position they started in. It actually gives its graduates the skills they need to obtain better Pilates jobs.

Graduates Achieve Their Goals via Training

Among Breathe Education graduates, 88.2 percent undertook the training for an employment-related reason. Of the remaining students’ reasons, 8.8 percent were for personal development and 3.0 percent were for further study. So the vast majority were looking for a job or some sort of further development in their career. And did they accomplish their goal? Based on their own responses, they absolutely did.

89.1 percent of Breathe Education graduates achieved their main reason for doing the training. So you basically have a nine out of 10 chance of getting what you want out of your Breathe Education training. Whether it is a better job or personal fulfillment, you’ll find it.

What Kinds of Jobs Can You Expect to Find?

Not every Pilates job is the same. For example, some graduates choose to work as Pilates instructors at an existing studio. Others with a more entrepreneurial spirit elect to go the route of starting their own studio. And that’s not to say that you need to have a physical space only for local Pilates enthusiasts. With the big push for work from home and learn from home that’s happened since the COVID-19 pandemic, many Pilates instructors are finding a lot of success online.

You could try hosting Zoom classes for your students. Then you’re no longer limited by geography. And you don’t even have to pay for a studio, necessarily. This opens up a lot of possibilities for your enterprise. Whatever the case may be, you have a vast number of job opportunities when you complete Breathe Education’s Pilates training course. You’ll have access to knowledge and skills that graduates of other programs simply can’t boast. So you’ll already be at an advantage by being in demand.

At Breathe Education, it’s our job to make sure you get the Pilates instructor job you’ve always wanted. Whether it’s obtaining a promotion, gaining a new job-related benefit, or getting your foot in the door for your first job, you’re sure to find what you’ve been seeking with a little help from us.