Replay 1: How to Become a Confident & Fearless Pilates Instructor

Watch the 80-minute replay where you’ll discover: 

  • Raph’s personal journey to becoming a Pilates instructor and what he learned along the way
  • How pain works, what predicts outcomes in chronic pain, and the biopsychosocial model of pain
  • Why do the same techniques work for some clients but not for others
  • Bonus: How to join the Diploma full scholarship competition

Replay 2: How to Be an Evidence-Based Movement Pilates Instructor 

What the 110-minute replay where you’ll discover: 

  • How to easily understand anatomy by making pictures in your mind.
  • How to apply the knowledge you already have to get better outcomes physically, mentally, and emotionally for your clients.
  • How to become an effective movement Pilates instructor using the latest evidence-based practices.

Replay 3: How to Apply the Whole Person Framework

Watch the 108-minute replay where you’ll discover: 

  • How to structure your study so you learn more quickly
  • Where to focus your attention so you learn more deeply
  • How to practice so you enhance learning and memorization
  • Bonus: Announcement of the winner for the full scholarship of the Diploma of Clinical Pilates
  • PLUS a special offer (not available anywhere else) to enrol in the Diploma of Clinical Pilates and get help to master all the things talked about in the workshops

Want me to personally guide you through this process so you can quickly, easily, and FEARLESSLY implement these strategies with your clients? 


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