Want to get Certified in the next 20 weeks, and then plan, build and launch your 100k Pilates business 90 days after that…
…And have us work with you until you first make back your full investment in Pilates clients and then coach you until you hit 100k a year in your Pilates business?
You can join our Certification-Launchpad Bundle starting in May.
Or if you’re an existing instructor who wants to build and launch your 100k a year Pilates business from anywhere in the world, you can join Launchpad.
Here’s a short video explaining how Launchpad works:
We guarantee you’ll make back your investment by the end of your program whether you join the Cert-Launchpad bundle or Launchpad.  
We will continue working with you for free until you hit 100k a year in Pilates.
Spots are extremely limited.
The deadline to join is April 26th (in your time zone) or whenever our team says we have enough students to fulfill our promise and guarantees.
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Here are the answers to the most common questions we’ve received.

Question: How will I stand out in a saturated market?

Answer: Know your target audience and their pain points. When you offer Pilates as a solution to their pain and you sell results not sessions, you’ll stand out. I explain this in depth here 

Question: How many clients do I need to make 100k a year in Pilates and how do I get clients?

Answer: 24 clients who each pay $99 per week. This works out to $2376 per week or $123,552 per year.

I explain exactly how all this is possible in Part 2: Why People Can and Will Pay You $99/Week for Pilates and Part 3: How to quickly, easily and effortlessly get 24 clients who each pay you $99 per week here.

Q: How much does the Certification-Launchpad Bundle cost?

Answer: The price for the Pilates Certification and Launchpad is $8000 USD.

This is a significant investment and I understand it’s a big decision. But we want to make this as risk free for you as possible.

The guarantee we offer for this program is as follows:

You’ll make back your investment by the end of the program. In fact, we’re so confident in our program that we’re willing to work with you for free until you do.

In fact, we’ll work with you for free until you hit 100k a year.

I understand that investing in the program might require some financial sacrifice on your part, I want to assure you that we’re committed to ensuring that you get a return on that investment.

We believe that the benefits of the program are well worth the cost, and we’re confident that you’ll agree once you start seeing the results.

Q: How can you be so confident in saying I’ll be able to become a Pilates instructor and start earning a decent monthly income before the end of the year?

Answer: It’s a big promise, but we offer a money-back guarantee on every program. If any student is not 100% satisfied with the results, you can get their money back. However, only a few students out of the thousands we’ve helped have asked for refunds in our company history.

Provided you’re willing to put in the work, you’ll make back your total investment or we’ll continue to work with you for free until you do.

It’s as simple as that.Top of FormBottom of Form

Q: Is it possible to charge high prices and still care about clients?

Answer: Yes, it’s possible to charge high prices and care about clients, as long as you provide a valuable service. You’ll learn exactly how to provide this valuable service.

Q: How can I keep my 20 full Pilates clients for a year if I give them a shorter timeframe?

Answer: Move them onto a continuity program where they can continue to see results and enjoy the benefits of Pilates.  

Q: Can I do this business from anywhere in the world?

Answer: Yes, you can do this business from anywhere in the world as long as you have a mat, a phone, and internet access.

Q: Why would people pay for my Pilates program when there are free videos on YouTube?

Answer: People would pay for your Pilates program because you are not selling Pilates, but rather a solution to their specific problem. You will help them get over their back pain or any other issue they have, which is not the case with the free videos on YouTube.

Q: What should I say to potential clients who question why they should pay for my program when they can just do Pilates online?

Answer: You should ask them how long they have been trying to alleviate their back pain or any other issue through online Pilates. This will make them realize that your program is not about selling Pilates, but about providing them with a specific solution to their problem.

That’s it. 

Here’s what our students have to say

Vivian Hwang – “A lot of valuable tools that I can incorporate in my clinic”

Brooke Alexander – “Literally changed my life”

Melissa Erbacher – “Meeting a lot of like-minded people”

Stacey Mercaldi – “Lots of confidence and feeling empowered”

Tania Rodrigues – “I feel much more confident”

Cindy Phung – “My confidence grew”

Patricia McDougall – “Grown my confidence”

Amelia Hayes – “The greatest gift anyone has ever given”