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Receiving a Pilates certification is a big deal. It gives you the confidence to share what you’ve learned with others, and it creates legitimacy in the eyes of the people you work with. And Breathe Education offers a completely online Pilates certification program that is internationally recogized all around the world to help you get started . Let’s see how it works.

What Makes Our Mat Certification Unique

You will learn both Matwork & Reformer so you won’t be limited. Instead, you’ll have a greater scope of skills to work with.

You will be taught the complete repertoire of exercises, including the start position, proper technique and movement sequence, equipment setup, refinements, and the finish or transition; everything you need to know to confidently create and teach sequences of moves.

We use Return to Life by Joseph Pilates – the original Pilates Bible – as our foundation for matwork.

You’ll learn how to seamlessly cue your clients through the exercises, and how to progress them so they build strength, flexibility and control. We’ll teach you to be a consummate professional.

With the right training, you can be a powerful force for good when it comes to Pilates. And Breathe Education has all of the certification resources you need to be successful in this endeavor.

Not only does Breathe Education offer the world’s best online certification in Pilates, but it also enables you to specialize in a variety of fields. For example, you might help people who are recovering from injuries or who have physical limitations. And that is just scratching the surface of the many types of Pilates programs you will find from Breathe Education.

Science-Based Curriculum

How can you know if Breathe Education’s curriculum is the best? The fact is that there’s nothing else like it anywhere in the world. Most Pilates certification programs (whether Mat Pilates or otherwise) have allowed their curriculum to stagnate since the turn of the century. Because they use printed materials they can’t update their curriculum easily so they’ve let it stagnate based on 1999 science. Not us. Because our training is 100% online we can and do update our curriculum multiple times every year, making sure you’ll learn the most current best practice based on sound science. Not last century’s outdated ideas.

On the other hand, Breathe Education has been hard at work for decades making sure it doesn’t fall into that trap. Not content to rest on its laurels, Breathe Education has performed numerous in-depth studies to constantly revise its curriculum. In this way, it has continued to be a pioneer. And you reap all the benefits. With Breathe Education certification, you can give your students the latest science-based research on how best to do their Mat Pilates exercises.


ACE Approved

For Continuing Education Credits

The American Council on Exercise (ACE) is a nonprofit organization that has approved tens of thousands of exercise experts for continuing education since its formation in 1985. ACE approved our Certification in Pilates for continuing education points. What does that mean? It means that you will earn actual continuing education credits (CEC) with ACE. Nine CECs, to be exact, when you complete Breathe Education’s Pilates certification program.

Additionally, it means that your Mat Pilates certification (or any other specialty you pursue) will be recognized in virtually every country the world over. Whether you teach people in the United States, Australia, or anywhere in between, you can rest assured that you’ll be a recognized expert in your field. Like we said at the start, this is a big confidence boost. Both you and your students can trust that you have the skills you need to do a great job.

Pilates Certification at Your Own Pace

Becoming a Pilates instructors is a big step, it’s a change in your whole lifestyle. We’ll help you and guide you to become a confident, skilled professional but it’s going to take work and commitment on your part to make the transformation into a Pilates professional. We’ve designed the program to be flexible so you can work your study into your schedule – but you need to commit to doing the work if you’re going to live into your full potential as an instructor. We only want to work with people who are ready to fully commit. You’ll need to find 10 hours each week to work on your study if you’re going to do this right – and we don’t want you to do it any other way.

Experts are ready and willing to help you on your journey to obtaining your certification. Plus, Breathe Education has hundreds of hours of videos and rigorously tested documentation to answer your questions. Each step of the way, you have the strongest guidance possible. And the best part is that it’s all at your own pace. You don’t have to run faster than you’re able. In fact, that’s one of the exercise principles you’ll learn in the certification program!

Learn from home, and get access to the greatest minds in the Mat Pilates field. Now that is what Breathe Education is all about. It doesn’t take a certified genius to tell that Breathe Education is the best path to achieve Mat Pilates certification. But it helps. And you’ll be one by the time you finish.

Here’s What Our Students & Graduates Have To So Say

l got the most out of this course that l have ever gotten out of any course

Leanne ChapmanPilates Studio Owner, Melbourne

The best, craziest life decision I’ve ever made!

Cat WebbStudio owner, Good Times Pilates

This course has made me a better teacher on so many levels.

Belinda SurvillaStudio manager, Pilates & Co

My journey with Breathe Education has been such a positive addition on my life in many areas

Briannan BondiPerth, WA

The depth of content provided is absolutely invaluable, the teachers are incredible and the learning environment is so supportive.

Katie IrelandGold Coast, QLD

This entire experience is something incredibly special. Cloe's encouragement and support has helped me find my voice.

Georgina BeattieSydney, NSW

What a beautiful course. It has exceeded my expectations and I am feeling confident and happy going into the industry.

Marni DeningGold Coast, QLD

I feel much more confident and equipped to teach! Cloe has supported and nurtured me to want to go out and teach.

Katarina MoricSydney, NSW

This was the absolute best decision I have made. I look forward to my future and promoting Breathe to whoever will listen.

Rachael RiceSydney, NSW

The course inspires and encourages us to be critical and creative thinkers, and also allows us to enhance our curiosity towards the field of Pilates.

Renee RommeswinkelSydney, NSW

I have absolutely loved working with like minded individuals and being given the permission to explore my body and the amazing things I never thought I could achieve.

Jacinta FowlesMelbourne, VIC

What an incredible company that gives the power to be uniquely us & encourage us through our learning experience & growth.

Olivia HuffGold Coast, QLD

Professional, thorough and supportive, studying with Breathe has been a fantastic experience!

Kate VaughanSydney Australia

The Cert IV left me feeling empowered and confident. I am really proud to have learned from Breathe.

Ildi CampbellSydney Australia

Course Requirements


Each week you will attend a 90-minute online lecture where you will be introduced to new skills and concepts. The lectures are also recorded so you can watch them later. Each lecture also comes with full-color PDF lecture notes.


Each week you will attend a live, 90-minute tutorial with a trainer and a small group of classmates. Your trainer will guide you through practicing the skills and discussing the concepts introduced in that week’s lecture. There are multiple tutorial times across the week including days, evenings and weekend times. You can book the same time every week, or change it up.

Practice teaching

Each week you will participate in 2 structured sessions where you will practice doing, and teaching Pilates with a small group of classmates. We’ll give you a structure so you know what to practice, how to practice, and how to give useful feedback.


Masterclasses are a Pilates class especially for Pilates instructors

Each week you will participate in or observe two, 1-hour Pilates Masterclasses taught by a Breathe Education trainer or special guest. These classes are incredible because not only do you get a workout, but the trainer will also talk you through their methodology, plus there’s a 10-minute Q&A at the end so you can really pick apart the programming, cueing and modifications.

Masterclasses will not only build your strength, flexibility, and skill with the exercises, they’ll build your teaching skills.


Your coursework each week consists of short videos, intriguing quizzes and some written tasks for example creating a class program. You will need roughly 2 hours each week for coursework, but because the videos and quizzes are generally short, you can break up this time across the day or the week.

Total time commitment: 9 hours per week

Your total study load of 9 hours per week is spread across the week, and comprises multiple different learning methods – lectures, tutorials, masterclasses, practice teaching and coursework.

This course design is much more flexible for you, PLUS it maximizes your learning by dripping the content and practice to you steadily, keeping you engaged, and learning the same content from several different angles – e.g. you’ll learn the theory of the exercises in your lecture, receive feedback on your technique in the tutorial, practice teaching them in your practice sessions, and learn how to cue them in the Masterclass, then answer questions on the correct technique in your coursework.

Choose your own session times from weekday AM, weekday PM and weekend times.



You don’t need to be perfect at all the moves to do this course.

Quite to the contrary. If you are doing regular Pilates classes at any level, you are fit enough to do this certification.

One of the biggest misconceptions people have is that you need to be able to do all the moves perfectly before you can be a great teacher.

That is just plain not true. Doing the moves and teaching the moves are two different skills.

You need to be fit enough to do a 50-minute beginner or open-level Pilates class, but you don’t need to have any particular level of flexibility, or strength, or grace. You certainly don’t need to have a thigh gap.

People of all ages from 18-75, all levels of flexibility, and all body shapes have successfully completed this program and are now teaching Pilates and loving life.

You can too!

Time Commitment

This certification requires 9 hours each week in total.

Each week you will do:

  • 1 online lecture (90 minutes)
  • 1 live online small-group tutorial (90 minutes)
  • 2 practice sessions with classmates (60 minutes each)
  • Participate in two live (or pre-recorded) Pilates Masterclass taught by a Breathe Education trainer (60 minutes)
  • Watch videos and complete quizzes (approximately 2 hours)

Tutorials, practice sessions, and live online Pilates classes are scheduled throughout the week including weekdays, weeknights and weekends. You can book sessions that suit you each week, and you can easily book into a different session if you need to change your schedule at any time.

Following the learning schedule we provide will have you complete the certification in 20 weeks.

You have up to 12 months to complete the program.


We’ve created a simple, clear and easy-to-use eLearning system for you. It really is simple.

If you can use Facebook, or send an email, you have enough computer skills to complete this program successfully.

Even if you struggle with sending an email, we’re only a phone call away, and we’ll talk you through any problems you have.

We have helped thousands of people complete this course successfully, and no-one has ever failed to graduate because of computer issues 🙂

We will look after you.