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Teaching Pilates is truly a

passion-based career.



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In the meantime, discover more about what career in Pilates is all about!

Those who do Pilates get hooked 

in the best possible way. 

What’s all the buzz with Pilates — and is it a smart career option for you?

Almost 70% of Pilates students practice 2-4 times a week. It’s popular for a reason and there’s no shortage of clients for you. 

Among teachers, 49% said they’ve taught for 6 or more years. 

And it’s continuing to gain popularity — that makes Pilates a growing industry with abundant job opportunities. 

Why is Pilates So Wildly Popular?

Studies show that Pilates students & teachers consider it to:


  • be good for you
  • improve muscle tone
  • increase flexibility
  • enhance performance
  • and much more


Data gathered from over 1,500 students, instructors, and studio owners in the 2016 Pilates In America Study.

Pilates instructors make their own schedules, can work online from anywhere in the world, and get to practice Pilates so they stay fit.

All while making fantastic money doing something they love & that helps people!

Want to learn more about Pilates and find out if this thriving industry and fulfilling career is for you?

Having Pilates experience will enable you to succeed
in your new career.

Transform yourself through Pilates with Dani Font



Dani looks like the perfect Pilates teacher, but she has had struggles which are invisible to the eye.

This is the story of how she is overcoming anxiety, perfectionism and an eating disorder through Pilates, and the transformative power of realizing she didn’t have to fit a mold, which allowed her to find her authentic voice as a teacher and as a human.

Gain Inspiration: Dani's Transformational Pilates Story

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