Create Real Change In Your Pilates Business

We’ll help you stop guessing and build a profitable business you’re proud of

More Profit = More Impact

And more freedom.

Whether you want to work less, or make more, or both..

Whatever your current financial situation, we’ll help you improve it! 

Learn from EXPERTS

This is NOT a cookie-cutter program or pre-recorded course.

In this 100% live program you’ll learn from and be coached directly by Jenna Zaffino and Raphael Bender

Create Real Change

This program is project-based. We’ll help you envision your ideal business, then start building it.

You’ll create a tangible result; increased profits, more time, less stress, a better team, or whatever is important to you.

12 Weeks to Change your Pilates Business

Whether you run a studio (virtual or IRL) or teach for yourself, we’ll help you create a CUSTOM Blueprint for your dream business. At the end of the 12 weeks you’ll see tangible results, guaranteed! 

This is a 100% customized, 12-week training and coaching program that will help you:

  • Work ON your Pilates business, not IN it
  • Be your own person AND build a business you’re proud of
  • Set a specific profit goal and work towards it
  • Stop procrastinating and take ACTION

We'll Coach You To Design Your Own Custom Business Blueprint & Start Building It


Most of us feel super-uncomfortable with this word, but you don’t need to.

We’ll teach you to sell with integrity, passion and care for your clients’ best interest. And without being “salesy”

Know Your Customer

Develop & refine your target customer so you know EXACTLY what your best customers want and how to talk to them.

Writing ads, Instagram posts and website copy will be super easy once you know your customer personas.


If you’re posting on social media but not getting any traction; if your marketing is all over the place – or nowhere – you’re in the right place.

We’ll teach you to create & implement a focused marketing strategy that pulls in sales.

Build & Lead a Team

Even if you’re currently a solopreneur, you’ll need people to help you.

We’ll teach you how to attract talent and make great hires, measure & coach performance, and empower your team so you can step back from the day-to-day.

Get Out Of Overwhelm

There are SO many things to do. The trick is choosing what NOT to do.

We’ll help you let go of trying to control everything so you can focus on what is most important, freeing up time, giving you mental space, and generating RESULTS.

Know Your Numbers

This is an area most of us avoid; but it’s actually surprisingly easy to master the basics.

You’ll learn which numbers you need to care about, and how to track them so you’re driving the business, not being led by it.

Ready to take the next step and CHANGE your Pilates business?

Meet your coaches

Jenna Zaffino

Founder – Pilates Unfiltered

Jenna is a dynamic leader who offers education for your brain, body and business through professional coaching, movement experiences, writing, and speaking. 

Through her online teaching and coaching services, Jenna helps thousands of fitness and wellness professionals access mindset shifts, physical resiliency and empowered individuality for their business practices. 

Jenna is a seasoned Pilates Teacher Educator, a Small Business Coach and a Certified Health Coach through Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  Her tenure as the owner of Helios Center For Movement in Chicago included directing the operations of a 3000 square foot Pilates center and running the midwest’s teacher training program for Fletcher Pilates International successfully for over 10 years.

After selling her studio, she evolved her small business to an online educational hub and support system for wellness pros.  Today, Jenna hosts online support programs, tours internationally with her speaking and coaching courses and hosts her wildly popular podcast, Pilates Unfiltered™.

When she’s not motivating the masses from her Chicago/North Center studio space, Jenna can be found creating “movement mischief” with her husband Josh, son Jaxon and their dog Flashlight.

Raphael Bender

CEO – Breathe Education

Starting in 2006, over a decade Raph built his Pilates studio from zero to $2.4M in annual revenue. In 2016 he sold his interest in the studio and started Breathe Education in the kitchen of a friend’s yoga studio.

5 years later Breathe Education generates revenues of $6M and has 36 full-time team members around the globe. In 2020 the company generated profits of $200k and certified over 500 instructors.

Besides exercise, Raphael’s great passions are business and teaching.

You’ll experience Raph’s teaching as clear, patient, curious and inclusive. Raph will be your guide on the journey to truly understand the principles of building a successful business, and how to apply them to your own business.

Whether you’re a solopreneur or you lead a sizeable team, in this program Raph will teach and coach you to build the Pilates business of your dreams.

Payment options

Pay up frontMost popular

USD $ 5000

One-off payment

One-off payment of USD $5000

Pay over 3 months

USD $ 1666.67

Monthly for 3 months

USD $250 today then 3 x monthly payments of $1666.67

Total USD $5250

Pay over 6 months

USD $ 875

Monthly for 6 months

USD $250 today then $875 monthly for 6 months

Total USD $5500

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2 terms of 6 weeks

  • Term 1: 2 November – 10 December 2021
  • Christmas break: 11 December – 11 January
  • Term 2: 12 January – 20 February 2022

All sessions are live online

  • All sessions are 90 minutes
  • Attendance is required
  • *If you can’t make it to a live session recordings will be available.

Make new friends from around the world

  • Work with a diverse group of Pilates business owners
  • Make new friends & build your network

United States

Tuesday and Friday each week

  • Tuesday 2 November & Friday 5 November 2pm Central / 3pm Eastern
  • 9 November onwards 1pm Central / 2pm Eastern

United Kingdom / EU

Tuesday & Friday each week

  • 7pm GMT / 8pm Zurich

Australia / NZ

Wednesday & Saturday each week

  • 6am AEDT / 8am Auckland

Ready to take the next step and build the Pilates business of your dreams?

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

The “why” that drives us, is to help you transform into a fearless, confident and scientifically literate movement teacher.

So you can change people’s lives and enjoy a fun, flexible and deeply rewarding career.

If after completing all the course requirements you are not satisfied that you have achieved your goal, we will give you 100% of your money back.

Full details of the guarantee are in our Terms and Conditions of Service