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We’ll Teach You How To Change People’s Lives With Pilates

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 Do What You Truly Want To Do

Live a life that sparks joy

If the happiest part of your day is your Pilates class, and you want to share that feeling with other people, we will help you get there.

We’ll help you build skills and confidence so you can help others transform themselves through Pilates.

You DON’T Need to Be Perfect At All The Moves!

You don’t need to be fit, or young, or tall, or thin to be a great Pilates teacher and live a life you love.

You just need to love Pilates, and want to share that with others.

We will teach you everything you need to know.

Find your own unique voice

We’ll guide you to build skill step by step. As your skill grows, so will your confidence. Soon your natural voice as a teacher will emerge.

Your unique teaching style and voice will attract and inspire others, just as you have been inspired by people who taught you.

Internationally Recognized Pilates Certification in Jacksonville

We’re so fortunate that nowadays we have the option to pursue our passions as we embark on a career path. We can set ourselves life-affirming, invigorating and uplifting challenges. We can embrace change, help others and realize our potential all at once.

Pilates is so much more than an exercise form, it’s also a gateway to greater strength and flexibility, a calm mind, social connections and a high spirit. Breathe Education is a renowned online certification provider that will enlighten you on the rich benefits of teaching this incredible practice.

This industry is constantly flourishing and if you’re looking to take up a job that’s also a lifestyle, then this line of work is especially for you.

You’ll be acquainted with all the ins and outs of Joseph Pilates’ methodology in an engaging, modern and fascinating way. The majority of what you need to complete the program will be at your fingertips. We’ll, of course, advise you where to purchase any equipment and textbook.

Our online certification has a plethora of advantages:

  • You’ll master the dynamic duo of the mat and reformer
  • Through a series of lectures, masterclasses, teaching sessions and coursework you’ll get to grips with everything you need to know
  • Alongside the material and movement coaching, our professional instructors will help you to discover your unique teaching voice
  • There’s a whole support system of like minded individuals who will encourage, inspire and motivate you
  • At the end of it all, you’ll have earned an internationally recognized certification that will open many doors for you
  • You’ll belong to alumni that are international and recognized worldwide

Thinking About Getting Your Pilates Certification in Jacksonville?

We offer a challanging program that will prepare you for a career in the Pilates’ world upon graduation with us. Our focus is to develop your teaching skills with extensive education on Matwork and the Reformer. We cover anatomy, pre and postnatal care etc.

Venturing down the different avenues will allow you to be versatile, employable and diversely knowledgeable.

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

The “why” that drives us, is to help you build skills and confidence to teach Pilates.

So you can change people’s lives and enjoy a fun, flexible and deeply rewarding career.

If after completing all the program requirements you are not satisfied that you have achieved your goal, we will give you 100% of your money back.

Full details of the guarantee are in our Terms and Conditions of Service

Here’s Why Breathe Education Graduates Are in High Demand Right Around the World

l got the most out of this course that l have ever gotten out of any course

Leanne Chapmanowner, Reformer Pilates Studio, Melbourne

This course changed my life with regards to my own movement, and how I teach my clients

Heather DeHombreowner, Pilates Body Alive, Greensborough, Melbourne

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Take the plunge and go for it! Our mantra is that everyone deserves to succeed and develop to become their best self. Unlock a life and a career that you will love, that will get you up in the morning and fuel you all day long.

Our amazing, conscientious and driven team awaits you and your questions. Should you require any further information feel free to download your free course guide. You can also book in for a talk with us and we will break down the process. If you decide to enroll on a course, we’ll ensure that you have a plan that will suit you and have everything you need to get started.

This is your moment and there’s no time like the present. Be sure to check out our graduate’s stories to see how we’ve helped so many already and how you could be next!

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