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We’ll Teach You How To Change People’s Lives With Pilates

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 Do What You Truly Want To Do

Live a life that sparks joy

If the happiest part of your day is your Pilates class, and you want to share that feeling with other people, we will help you get there.

We’ll help you build skills and confidence so you can help others transform themselves through Pilates.

You DON’T Need to Be Perfect At All The Moves!

You don’t need to be fit, or young, or tall, or thin to be a great Pilates teacher and live a life you love.

You just need to love Pilates, and want to share that with others.

We will teach you everything you need to know.

Find your own unique voice

We’ll guide you to build skill step by step. As your skill grows, so will your confidence. Soon your natural voice as a teacher will emerge.

Your unique teaching style and voice will attract and inspire others, just as you have been inspired by people who taught you.

Internationally Recognized Pilates Certification in Kansas City

Since 2008, we’ve taken the Pilates industry by storm with our online instructor certifications. Our modern, fresh outlook has innovated how we connect with others and share the love we have for this exercise practice. We have created a program that is recognized globally. Our network is already internationally established so you’ll have access to a wealth of links and contacts. The majority of our students go on to thrive and our growing alumni strongly demonstrates our ability to rocket launch careers in this industry. Therefore, you can start to obtain a Pilates certification in Kansas City with confidence, approved assurance and official backing from Breathe Education.

Master the Art of Teaching and Take Your Pilates Skills to the Next Level

To begin a certification with us all you need is passion, flair, and a strong desire to learn and improve. Our extensive eLearning platform, masterclasses, teaching hours, lectures and coursework will do the rest.

We understand that either learning new skills or enhancing your existing ones is an enjoyable prospect whereas the thought of having your very own class may be a little daunting. No matter your personality, experience or expertise we aim to help you to be an excellent instructor with an individualistic voice and teaching style.

Our program will allow you to:

  • Lesson plan effectively for all levels, pre and postnatal groups and those who suffer from pain and/or injury
  • Understand how to make classes flow in good time and at a steady pace with a simple and effective cueing system
  • Find the freedom and creativity to design your own repertoire with well-loved, adapted and made up movements
  • Define your own personal yet, science-based approach that will benefit your very own set of clients
  • Build confidence and self-esteem so that instructing becomes natural, effortless and gratifying
  • Add a worldwide, ACE approved Pilates qualification to your arsenal

Our certifications are all enriching, challenging and goal-oriented; they will kickstart your journey and have you feeling more revitalized and determined than ever.

Thinking About Getting Your Pilates Certification in Kansas City?

At Breathe Education we have a friendly team at your disposal. A group of people who are dedicated to your triumphs and sensitive to your needs.

If you have any question no matter how big or small, they will do everything they can to give you all the answers. Enrolment, requirements-, advice-, short- and long-term planning all come under our umbrella. We understand that this is a big deal and chance for you, so we are always here to listen. Our gigantic network of alumni is spread worldwide, and you’ll be sure to find warm words of reassurance, positive reviews, tips and tricks. We’re basically one big community of Pilates enthusiasts who cheer each other on through it all. So, don’t hesitate any longer, get the ball rolling with our no obligations preliminary call to fuel that fire and ignite your inner spark. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

The “why” that drives us, is to help you build skills and confidence to teach Pilates.

So you can change people’s lives and enjoy a fun, flexible and deeply rewarding career.

If after completing all the program requirements you are not satisfied that you have achieved your goal, we will give you 100% of your money back.

Full details of the guarantee are in our Terms and Conditions of Service

Here’s Why Breathe Education Graduates Are in High Demand Right Around the World

l got the most out of this course that l have ever gotten out of any course

Leanne Chapmanowner, Reformer Pilates Studio, Melbourne

This course changed my life with regards to my own movement, and how I teach my clients

Heather DeHombreowner, Pilates Body Alive, Greensborough, Melbourne

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Our trainers will nurture and teach you so that you graduate from your Pilates certification confident, happy and ready to teach Kansas City Pilates! You will not only have extensive knowledge of Joseph Pilates’ exercises but feel fully prepared when taking your first step into the Pilates instructor world. Something our past graduates have appreciated is the constant support and guidance provided by our trainers, so you never have to learn alone or feel lost.

If you are ready to make a change, please download your free course guide today. What are you waiting for?

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