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Get the world’s #1 Pilates certification – live online

Learn top-tier Pilates teaching skills to help your clients (or yourself) create meaningful transformations. Or start a work-from-home career or side business you’re passionate about.

  • Master Pilates teaching and programming
  • Flexible live-online program with daily live learning and support
  • Gain the skills to confidently teach Pilates with anyone: clients, friends, or family.

Join now and get a recession-proof new career or side-hustle doing what you love. Monthly payment option available.

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A New Career That Is Aligned With Who You Are!

  • Pilates makes you happy, and you want to share that happiness with people who are like-minded
  • Pilates makes you slow down. It’s more than just physical – it’s mental, it’s for you
  • You are drawn to helping others through movement
  • You want to be the best you can be
  • You’re intrigued by the body and want to understand how it works
  • You want to challenge yourself
  • You don’t believe in doing things half-assed
  • Actually you’re a bit of an over-achiever
  • You’ve been wondering what’s next for you. You’re ready to branch out.

Science-Based Curriculum

How can you know if Breathe Education’s curriculum is the best? The fact is that there’s nothing else like it anywhere in the world. Most Pilates programs have allowed their curriculum to stagnate since the turn of the century. Their trainers receive out-of-date information. Not so with Breathe Education. After training more than 3000 instructors, we are considered the #1 science-based Pilates educator, presenting complex information in a clean, simple, actionable framework.

The world’s Only 100% online Comprehensive 450-hour Pilates Certification

Because the Breathe Certification in Pilates is fully accredited and backed by the American Council on Exercise (ACE), you’ll receive a real qualification that is recognized and accepted  around the world. Earn 9 CEC Credits with ACE by studying this program.

ACE Approved

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With Breathe Education, you’ll receive the best science-based Pilates instructor training available. In addition to learning exactly how the body works, you’ll also gain valuable business knowledge to help you boost both your confidence and your bottom line as you teach Pilates. It’s the full 360 experience.

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