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Launch Your $100k Solo Pilates Business!

Meet Raphael Bender – CEO of Breathe Education

In this video I’ll explain how we will help you build your very own solo Pilates business, teaching from home or online, and earning $100k a year.

Launch Your $100k Solo Pilates Business!

Meet Raphael Bender – CEO of Breathe Education

In this video I’ll explain how we will help you build your very own solo Pilates business, teaching from home or online, and earning $100k a year.

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What makes the Launchpad so incredible!

Step-By-Step Instructions

We've mapped out every stage of building your solo Pilates business, and you'll find an extensive video library with instructions on everything, from finding your ideal client, to setting up your ads, to running your programs and gathering testimonials.

Templates for EVERYTHING

But we didn't stop at instructions - we've pre-written your ads, your landing pages, your sales scripts, your program outlines - everything. Just fill in the blanks and go.

Live Coaching

Not only will you have clear instructions and templates, I'll coach you live multiple times per week. I'll help you with your pricing, your client avatar, your offer, your ads, your sales calls - everything you need help with, we're there for you live, for as long as you need help.

I'll work with you until you're making $100k

This is not a quick fix program. This is your opportunity to change your life forever. For the life of the program I’ll keep working with you until you hit $100k. As long as you put in the work, we’ll get you there!


If you love Pilates but HATE marketing and sales – this is for you!

In reality most people who hate sales, actually just hate pushing things on people that are not a good fit. We’re going to leave all that behind and come up with an offer that sells itself.

250+ Instructional Videos

We'll show you step-by-step how to think like someone who makes $100k, how to define your ideal client, how to create a compelling, Pilates-based offer so good it sells itself, how to build a landing page and run ads, and how to sign up clients to your program. Not only that, we'll show you how to design your program to deliver outstanding results, and how to collect testimonials from your clients.

30+ Templates

Anything you need to build - there's a template for it. We've got templates for your client avatar, your offer, your program, your ads, your landing page, your sales conversations, your client induction, collecting testimonials, and much, much more. It's all been done for you just fill in the blanks and go.

Live Workshops

This program goes WAY beyond any self-paced course though. I’ll actually help you - personally, and live, to build your business. Every week there are multiple live coaching calls where I will help you with your ads, your copy, your landing pages, your sales calls, your offer… and any other thing you need help with. This is direct mentoring and hands-on help, not some weekly Q&A.

Your 6 Steps To $100k A Year

Define your ideal client using our Client Avatar Index worksheet.

Create a compelling, Pilates-based offer so good, your ideal client can’t resist it!

Build a landing page that explains your offer and allows your ideal client to opt-in.

Run ads to bring ideal clients to your landing page, ready to buy.

Talk with your prospects and enroll them in your program.

Ascend your clients to a continuity offer, and gather a testimonial from them.

Meet Raphael Bender

I spent my 20s and 30s as a penniless musician, and I had no idea how to build a business or make money. I decided to change my relationship with money, and since 2007 I've build two 7-figure Pilates businesses. The first was a studio in Melbourne Australia which I built up to $2.4M per year in revenue. I sold my share in the studio in 2016 and started Breathe Education, which now employs 28 people in 5 countries and has graduated 5,000+ certified Pilates instructors in 26 countries.
Now I want to help you change your relationship with money, and finally make the money you deserve, doing what you love - teaching Pilates.

I’ve done what I’m helping you do

I built two Pilates businesses, from scratch to multi-million dollars per year. Now I want to help you build your own 6-figure Pilates business. I'm sick of Pilates instructors being poor!

The World’s Highest Rated Pilates Educator

We have 400+ Google reviews, with an average rating of 5 stars. That's more (by a mile) than any other Pilates educator on the planet. We've got such incredible reviews because we REALLY care about getting our students results, and we'll get you results too.

Who is the Launchpad for?

Any Pilates instructor, of any lineage, any style, any equipment,
any level of experience.

It doesn’t matter if you’re Classical, Contemporary, Fitness, Clinical, Mat, Reformer, Studio, whatever. This will work for you regardless. It also doesn’t matter where you are in the world. All you need are a burning desire to build a successful solo business, a space in your home where you can do Pilates, and a stable internet connection.

Do you qualify?

The Launchpad is for you if:

You’re trained in Pilates mat &/or reformer

You have a room in your house where you can teach Pilates either online, or in-person with 4 clients.

You have a stable internet connection.

You can dedicate 10 hours per week to building your Pilates business.

You have a burning desire not only to help people and change their lives, but also to get paid really well for it.

You’re excited by learning timeless, foundational business skills that will enable you to make money in any industry, in any economy.

The Launchpad is NOT for you if:

You are not a movement professional.

You don’t have a space in your home where you can teach Pilates either online, or with 4 clients.

You don’t have a stable internet connection.

You can’t commit to 10 hours per week to build your $100k a year business.

You like helping people but making money doesn’t interest you.

You’re not ready to go through a steep learning curve.

Things that DON’T MATTER for success in the Launchpad

Which style of Pilates you’re trained in.

Which apparatus you’re trained on.

Whether you’re new or experienced as a Pilates instructor.

Your age.

Where you live in the world.

If you hate marketing and posting your face on social media.

What our Global Community say

5000+ BE Certified Pilates Instructors and counting

Out of 380+ reviews

Ali Woodall

“Do what you love as a job.”

Hayley Hollett

“I’m super proud of myself doing this course.”

Vivian Hwang

“You guys genuinely care about getting us to be where we want to be.”

Cindy Phung

“I’m so blessed to have close friends in here now.”

Brooke Alexander

“Doing this has given me so much more confidence in myself.”

Grace Sinclair

“I thought teaching would be totally scary, and it totally wasn’t.”

A sneak peak inside the program

Inside your learning portal you’ll find a treasure trove of how-to lessons, templates, checklists, cheat sheets and scripts, plus links to attend all the live coaching sessions. Plus you’ll be connected in Slack with all your classmates, and your coaching team including Raphael.

Four reasons to join us now


52X return on investment – guaranteed

The cost of the program is the equivalent of what you'll earn in just ONE WEEK when you're making $100k a year. And we'll work with you until you get there, no extra charge for the life of the program.


No need to figure it out yourself – We already have!

We know how to build successful, profitable Pilates businesses. We've bottled that so you don't have to make all the same mistakes we made. You can just skip to the bit where you build a successful business.


Live coaching

This is not a set and forget, self-paced video course. This is a coaching program where we'll be with you every step of the way. You have multiple live coaching options every week, plus 7-day a week chat access to your coaches.



Join hundreds of Pilates solopreneurs around the globe, all building their $100k Pilates businesses. Inside Slack you'll network, talk shop, help others, and receive help in turn. You're not alone!


Have questions?

What does this program cover, specifically?

The Launchpad program is an open-ended, self-paced program with live coaching and mentoring. We’ll help you build a solo Pilates business up to $100k a year and beyond, teaching from home or online, anywhere in the world.

Throughout the program you’ll learn the Pilates exercises on mat & reformer

Module 1 teaches you how to THINK like someone who makes $100k a year, and let go of any limiting beliefs around money that have been holding you back.

Module 2 takes you through the process of planning your business. Choose your ideal client avatar and identify what problem you’ll help them solve. Discover if there is demand for what you want to do.

Module 3 is where you’ll build your offer and outline your program.

Module 4 is where you’ll learn how to run ads to bring in prospects, and how to talk with them to sign them up to your program.

Module 5 will help you build out your program content, client onboarding and ascension – how to obtain testimonials from your clients, and how to ascend them to an ongoing membership.

See the “What you’ll learn” section (above) for a breakdown of each unit and chapter.

Who is this program for?

It’s for any Pilates instructor – although it also works brilliantly for yoga teachers, personal trainers and other movement professionals.

This program is for you if you don’t know thing #1 about business, but you’re sick of not making the money you deserve as a Pilates professional. If you hate sales, marketing, and dread showing your face on social media – we’ve got you covered!

Inside the program you’ll learn how to attract ideal clients without any kind of high pressure awkward sales or marketing tactics, and without one single dance on Instagram.

How long does it take?

This program is open-ended and self-paced.

We’ve had people make their first $5k within 4 weeks, and others chip away for months, an hour a week before they’re ready to launch. It’s up to you how fast you move. We’re here for you either way.

What if I hate sales and marketing?

In our experience, most people who think they hate sales and marketing, in fact just hate pushing things on people that are not a good fit.

When you truly believe you can help someone, and they genuinely want your help, selling and marketing is as simple as explaining your offer. Once you understand this you will alleviate all the pressure on both you, and the client. And paradoxically you’ll actually sell more easily and more joyfully when you don’t push things on people that are not a good fit.

How long does it take to get started once I enroll?

When you enroll you’ll get access to the program within 1 business day.

Once you have access, you can start immediately, everything is there for you and you have access to chat with your coaches and fellow solopreneurs.

What if I live somewhere where people don't know about Pilates, or where they don't have much money?

No problem. If people near you don’t want Pilates or can’t afford it, do an online business. “People near me” is not a good market in that case! We’ll help you find your ideal clients, wherever they are in the world. 

Your ideal clients desperately want your help, and are happy to pay for it. We’ll help you find them.


Build a business you love and earn $100k a year

We’re so confident this program will change your life and your income, we guarantee it.

Once you enroll in the program, we will continue to work with you at no extra charge until you achieve $100k a year in income, for the life of the program.