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Raphael Bender, Trainer at Breathe Education

60-minute Open-Mic Q&A

USA (Pacific Time): Tuesday, November 2nd 5:00pm /
Australia (AEDT): Wednesday, November 3rd at 12:00pm

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60-minute Open Mic Session


What We’ll Cover During This Open-Mic Q&A

Stop Feeling Like a Fraud

You’ve been teaching Pilates for a while. Your classes are popular. But inside — you sometimes feel like a fraud, like when a client asks about their sore shoulder. You give them a different exercise, but you don’t really know if it will help. Attend the Q&A — Raph will help you see what’s going on inside your client’s bodies, so you’re not just giving them something else to do.

Get Out of Your Rut

If you’re teaching 20+ Pilates classes a week, sometimes 5 in a row — you’re not teaching quality. You’re teaching quantity — it’s become a routine. Attend the open-mic Q&A — how Raph answers your questions will help you get out of your rut. This Q&A will open your mind to new possibilities.

Really Know Your Stuff

Get super-clear on what to do for common presentations like disc herniation, arthritis, stenosis, joint replacement, abdominal separation, shoulder impingement, and many more. This is a live open-mic Q&A — Raph is here to answer your most pressing questions or concerns so you can feel that you really know your stuff.

Open-mic Q&A

Raphael will start the session by sharing some of Breathe Education’s latest insights that you can take and apply with your clients. And then Raph will go open-mic for the remaining 45-minutes so you can ask whatever questions you have so you can leave the session equipped to get out of your rut.