The Perfect Work-Life Balance Means It’s No Longer Work – Live Pilates!

Take the next step to earn your Matwork & Reformer Pilates Certificate from the world’s only 100% online program. A program fully accredited and backed by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and recognized and accepted around the world.

It might surprise you but well trained pilates instructors are in demand. It’s not uncommon for instructors to replace their previous income with just part-time hours. Many of the instructors trained by Breathe are earning up to $74,100 a year doing something they truly love.

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High-Touch, Interactive Online Learning

Forget that boring, frustrating online training you’ve seen in the past. This is something designed for today’s learners. It’s a totally new, high-touch approach to interactive learning that’s LIVE and deeply engaging, intriguing and inspiring. It’s going to change your life. Ask your questions, get the feedback you need on technique, and practice teaching with your classmates to sharpen those skills. 

Flexibility And Freedom While Working To Replace Your Income

Most careers have little flexibility for the quality of life you want. Fortunately Breathe will allow you to fit your classes around your current commitments. Then as a pilates instructor, you can often choose the hours you want to work. Pick up a little extra income, or completely replace your current job. It’s your choice. Fit your new career into your lifestyle so you never feel trapped, stuck or forced to choose between work and family again.

Nationally Recognized Means More Job Opportunities.

We offer the world’s only 100% online live matwork and reformer pilates certification, and that certification is truly recognized nationally. You know what that means? It means our graduates are extremely employable and offer more value because they have deeper knowledge.