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Magical thinking and factually incorrect beliefs abound in many industries and Pilates is no exception. Most Pilates education is decades out of date at best, and at worst just plain pseudoscientific.

Many of these false beliefs have become accepted wisdom in the Pilates industry but are massively at odds with accepted science and best practice in exercise, health and movement teaching. This inconvenient disconnect means there are lots of topics in Pilates that are ‘Elephants in the Room’ – things we don’t question because it’s a bit heretical to do so.

Well, we’re here to change that.

Join Cloe Bunter and Raphael Bender, dive into ‘the facts’ using the most up to date research and interview key professionals in their field. They will tackle the myths from posture, to core strengthening for low back pain, to scapular stabilization … oh boy the list is very, very long!

Language Warning – we do swear a little. But we have cute accents!

Episode 26: Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a common condition in the Pilates studio. We look at what osteoporosis is, the anatomy and physiology of bone, and how to use exercise to increase bone density….

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Episode 25: Radical Candor

Many of the daily frustrations we face in the workplace can actually be solved easily. All you need to do is have a radically candid conversation with the person concerned….

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Episode 23: Hypermobility

Is it ok to lock your joints? Should we give corrective exercises or special cues to people who are hypermobile? Listen in to find out! Links World Health Organisation (WHO)…

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Episode 22: Be Yourself

Many of us feel a pressure to be a “proper” Pilates instructor – whatever the heck that is. Here are our thoughts on why – and how, you can be…

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