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Cueing Elephants

Episode 13:

In Pilates there are SO many myths, so much baggage. So many convoluted pseudo-scientific theories about cueing.

Luckily, the facts turn out to be quite simple. Much simpler than you’d think!

There IS a best way to cue, and you can dramatically improve your cueing by using 3 simple techniques.

Yay science!!


  • Attentional focus and motor learning, a summary of the last 15 years of research here
  • Pilates Through The Ages – examples of how cueing has changed over the last 60 years here
  • Great paper on additive benefits of external focus, autonomy support and early success here
  • My Gym Dad on Insta @my_gym_dad
  • OPTIMAL motor learning website
  • Stroke rehab study here
  • Raph interviews Dr Gaby Wulf and Dr Rebecca Lewthwaite here

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