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Heavy weights bulk you up like a Elephant

Episode 18:

Do heavy weights make your muscles grow more than light weights?

Many people assume the answer is yes.

But they’re wrong.


  • Low and high load strength training leads to identical muscle growth, but high loads give greater strength improvements here
  • The total number of sets per week (not the load) is the main determinant of muscle and strength gains here
  • I (Raph) was wrong about males and females gaining muscle at different rates in response to strength training. Males and females in fact gain muscle mass at the SAME rate here
  • Muscle growth is the main *but not the only* factor that contributes to increased strength after resistance training here
  • High loads are required to increase tendon stiffness here
  • A short series of videos of Raph looking at the research on spinal extension and safety, and whether you should activate your abs in a backbend here
  • Recreational runners have LESS knee arthritis than sedentary people and competitive runners here

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