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Episode 23:

Is it ok to lock your joints?

Should we give corrective exercises or special cues to people who are hypermobile?

Listen in to find out!


  • World Health Organisation (WHO) physical activity guidelines here
  • If you follow the WHO guidelines you reduce your chance of dying of any cause in the next 10 years by almost half here
  • Beighton test here
  • Hypermobile people have more gastrointestinal issues here
  • Hypermobile people have low blood pressure here
  • Hypermobile women have more pelvic organ prolapse here
  • Hypermobile people have a MUCH higher risk of anxiety and depression related symptoms here
  • Hypermobile rugby players have more injuries here
  • But in other sports, hypermobile people have FEWER injuries here
  • Hypermobility is related to pain in Afro-asian children but NOT in European children here
  • Joint hypermobility is not a contributing factor to musculoskeletal pain in pre-adolescents here
  • Hypermobile adolescents have more pain at the knee, shoulder and ankle, but NOT at the spine, elbow or hip here
  • Hypermobile adults have a slightly higher risk of widespread pain here
  • Hypermobility is associated with fibromyalgia here
  • Pain in hypermobility is likely related to central nervous system sensitisation rather than biomechanics here
  • Exercise helps with symptoms of hypermobility, but it is unclear whether any form of exercise is better than others here
  • Joint-specific corrective exercises and general exercise give the exact same results for people with hypermobility here and here
  • Exercise into the hypermobile range and exercise only to neutral give exactly the same results here
  • An individually tailored multidisciplinary intervention give exactly the same benefit as a single session of advice on general exercise here

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