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Navigating difficult professional conversations

Episode 20:

We have to co-exist with others who hold different views. If you’re a listener of this podcast, many of those people will be in senior positions in the industry.

Are more experienced practitioners in fact more knowledgeable?

And, how can you navigate relationships, and conversations with those who hold different views?


  • Physicians who have been in practice longer have less factual knowledge and are less likely to adhere to guidelines here
  • 0.5% increase in patient mortality for every year since the doctor finished medical school here
  • 78% of doctors don’t use systematic reviews here
  • Less than 7% of Israeli physiotherapists know the World Health Organisation physical activity guidelines for healthy adults here
  • New Zealand physiotherapists with a strong biomedical orientation are more than 1.5x less likely to give guideline-concordant advice or treatment for people with back pain here
  • Amongst Australian physiotherapists, a higher biomedical orientation is associated with non-guideline-concordant advice to patients here
  • “Tradition” here
  • Professor Peter O’Sullivan “We need to be relentless in calling out the nonsense” here
  • Street Epistemology here
  • “How to have impossible conversations” book by Street Epistemology founder Peter Boghossian here
  • Adam Meakins “there be dinosaurs among us” in the British Journal of Sports Medicine here

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