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Stretching… The Truth

Episode 21:

Stretching is good for you, right?

Many of us feel we “should” stretch more, whether it’s to prevent injury, as a warmup, to recover quicker, to feel less stiff, or just because it’s somehow virtuous to stretch.

Let’s see what science has to say.


  • Gene Kelly and Jerry mouse here
  • 6RM squat elicits the same activation in the core muscles as a full plank to failure with 20% bodyweight on the lower back here
  • Strength training is as effective as stretching for increasing flexibility here
  • Static stretching temporarily reduces muscle force here
  • Stretching has no effect on total risk of injury here
  • Stretching has no effect on post exercise muscle soreness or recovery here
  • Cold water immersion reduces perceived, but not actual, fatigue after exercise here
  • A subjective feeling of stiffness in the back has no correlation with actual tissue stiffness here
  • Strength training makes you live longer here
  • Cardiorespiratory exercise makes you live longer here
  • Flexibility training makes you live longer…. nowhere

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