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WTF is Core Stability?

Episode 14:

Core Stability. We all want more of it. We all cue it.

But what even is it?

And does it actually help back pain or function?

Listen to find out!


  • Tiny habits book
  • Myths of Happiness book
  • What even IS spinal stability? And can core stability exercises change it? here
  • TrA activation is the same in people with and without LBP, but hamstring activation is delayed in people with LBP here
  • Changes in TrA timing and thickness after core stability training do not correlate with changes in low back pain or disability here and here
  • Changes in pain and disability after TrA retraining are predicted by self-rated spinal instability here
  • Smith et al. (2014) core stability exercise systematic review here
  • Saragiotto et al. (2016) core stability exercise Cochrane systematic review here
  • NAF physio podcast here

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