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Student Reviews

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Breanna Dew

Alabama, USA
“I don’t feel like so much of an imposter anymore”

Amanda Damiano

Ontario, Canada
“I found my puprose”

Brennah Kavanagh

Texas, USA
“I feel like an expert”

Skye Wilcox

New South Wales, Australia
“I’m very proud of myself”

Caroline Laing

Scotland, UK
“I can empower people”

Anna Johnston

Queensland, Australia
“Confidence to share my personality and have fun”

christine Sharman online

Jennifer Rodriguez

Virginia, USA
“My best take away was happiness”

Csilla Bede

Pest, Hungary
“I become more creative”

Cherie Pratt

Victoria, Australia
“I feel so much better about myself”

Amanda McCartney

Illinois, USA
“Got me into such a creative headspace”

Selina Santana

Ontario, Canada
“So empowering”

Grace Parkin-Galway

Birtley, UK
“I have a new way of thinking”

Samantha Porter

New South Wales, Australia
“I can see the progress I’ve made every week”

Hollie Moore

Farnborough, UK
“I haven’t felt this strong in Reformer before”

Ruth Gray

Victoria, Australia
“I can confidently teach a mixed level group”

Sue Navarro

Puerto Rico, USA
“A huge growth experience”

Allexa Schabel

Ontario, Canada
“I’ve learned a lot of valuable things”

Alanah Elsworthy

Queensland, Australia
“So much accountability and attention”

Amy McCord

Colorado, USA
“I looked forward to every day”

Christina Allevi

South Australia, Australia
“The positive reinforcement is huge”

Andrea Carmona

Texas, USA
“I am so grateful”

Berra Er

New South Wales, Australia
“The growth has been phenomenal”

Nikki Doumas

New York, USA
“I am so confident right now”

Christie-Jane Meischke

New South Wales, Australia
“I’m a completely different person”

Crystal Tackaberry

Texas, USA
“My confidence has come back”

Hailee Sullivan

Massachusetts, USA
“It’s been such a welcoming community”

Emily Elkington

Victoria, Australia
“To do something for myself has been really wonderful”

Emma Walker

Auckland, NZ
“Your approach made me feel really comfortable”

Everardo Alvarado

California, USA
“Got me back into taking care of my own health”

Freya Allen

Queensland, Australia
“Renewed my faith in online learning”

Heather Gerstein

Illinois, USA
“Feeling successful is huge”

Courtney Woodhead

Hampshire, UK
“Amazing community”

Jacinta Lesar

Victoria, Australia
“The one course I’ve been most engaged in”

Jess Smith

Haute Savoie , France
“Friends have really noticed a change in my confidence”

Karen Gatica

Texas, USA
“Made becoming certified so accomplishable”

Karena David

California, USA
“I learned to just to be myself”

Kristin Fowler

Florida, USA
“I learned how strong I was”

Olsey Espinosa

California, USA
“What I’ve learned is confidence”

Michaela Skuce

California, USA
“What I’ve learned is confidence”

Michelle Payne

Lancashire, UK
“It’s made me into a different person”

Michelle Prange

Queensland, Australia
“I have found the best friends and the support”

Nita Phillips

Queensland, Australia
“I’m so excited I’ve accomplished this”

Krista Lowe

Florida, USA
“Made me appreciate my body so much more”

Angie Bokelmann

Texas, USA
“I feel more connected to myself”

Brittnee Maxwell

New South Wales, Australia
“I’m teaching and it feels good and I feel confident”

Jane Stewart

Alberta, Canada
“I got more fluidity in my own body”

Michelle Perches

Texas, USA
“I know how to empower people”

Josie Boos

Pennsylvania, USA
“I’ve had the space and the support to find myself”

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